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Become a Globally Certified Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Specialist™

When you have the deepest desire to achieve the pinnacle of Spiritual Growth and Life Transformation so that you can professionally serve others in your own unique way, becoming a Globally Certified Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Specialist™ carries with it the deepest meaning and joy with astonishing results.

Dr. Barbara Rose can train you globally via phone to receive answers from God, Your Higher Self as you personally understand that name to be. Your sessions are entirely life transforming and you will utilize this identical process in Divine service to others.

Your ethics and integrity are paramount if you wish to be a pioneer in this field to lead others from the heart, as you help them fully awaken their own connection to the Highest Source of Love, Light and Truth in the Universe, God/Source/Creator/Higher Self, by the name you personally use.


Your training is as custom as your fingerprint.

As you BRING THROUGH information you could have never known on the intellectual level via your Higher Self you will know without a doubt that this work is for real, it transforms lives in as SHORT amount of time as possible.

Your sessions are completely confidential as Dr. Rose brings THROUGH all that you need, and does not recall what she brings through after your session.

The intensive is 26 weeks in duration, one session each week. Session duration is typically over two+ hours per session. Dr. Rose does NOT charge per hour. She is extremely generous with her time and will NOT watch the clock.

This is not in any way a cookie cutter program. Bringing through answers from God is far beyond earning 1,000 PhD’s. This process has saved countless lives across the globe and has deterred many suicides.

If it is something you have been searching for to bring your life’s mission out to help humanity in your own unique way application for this private intensive consists of a letter to Dr. Rose via the contact link below, stating why you wish to take this intensive and what you feel you will do with in-depth training once completed along with your initial tuition as outlined below.

Dr. Rose does NOT accept registration from everyone who asks for it. If your registration is not accepted you will be notified and will receive a FULL REFUND via PayPal within 24 hours.

Clients typically serve humanity with their own unique niche. For example one Certified Specialist may help victims of incest, while another may serve people with their self esteem, or their relationships. Some serve utilizing this process with additional gifts such as music, books, feature films, and the list is endless.

The tuition for this 26 week private intensive training is $425 US per session x 26 weeks. Registration and Tuition can be made in 2 half payments via the fully secure button below.

One thing is certain; you will be AMAZED at the level of transformation you experience during this 26 session journey. Dr. Rose serves with the highest of integrity, ethics, compassion, and the deepest care that you will feel during each session.


Click here to send your application letter to Dr. Rose after you have made your initial tuition deposit as outlined above.

The journey of becoming a Globally Certified Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Specialist™ is both deep and profound. THANK YOU for your desire to make a significant difference for yourself and for humanity.

Click on the fully secure payment button below to register via fully secure PayPal.

If your application IS approved you will receive a personal reply email within 24 hours welcoming you to this intensive and your initial payment will be applied towards your full intensive tuition which is non-refundable.

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Dr. Rose has provided private sessions to people from all walks of life, countries and cultures. Her service has helped Government Leaders, Ministers, Doctors, Celebrities, Lawyers, NASA Scientists, Sports Athletes, Rock Star Musicians, Feature Film and Television Talent, Teachers, Stay at home Parents, Priests, University Heads, World Leaders, Royalty, and more.

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The Ten Love Agreements New Book by Barbara Rose PhD

Book Description:

From the dawn of humanity to now both men and women have sought to have lasting loving relationships, lasting and loving sense of self and the wisdom to create relationship success from the inside out.

Barbara Rose PhD brought through the answers in this practical yet deep guide of awareness resulting in The Ten Love Agreements that take romantic love relationships to a whole new level with practical steps and guidance direly needed.

If you have been searching for true answers this pivotal book delivers them from the heart so both you and your love relationship can soar!

ISBN-13: 978-0-9908138-4-2
ISBN-10: 0-9908138-4-3

Published by The Rose Group

Pub Date: June 1, 2021

© Copyright 2021 by Barbara Rose PhD All Rights Reserved.

Click Here to Pre-Order Your Kindle Edition on

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Call in this Sunday to Receive F*R*E*E Answers and Solutions to Uplift and Transform Your Life

Here is a loving reminder for you to call in this Sunday to receive completely FREE Answers, Solutions and transformation I bring through from God, Source, Higher Self for you live on this global call every Sunday at 3:00 PM Eastern, 12 Noon Pacific, 8:00 PM UK Time.

Here is the call in info for this Sunday: DIAL IN NUMBER 1-712-832-8330


Click here to see what time this call is in your local time zone. Reference America/New York 3:00 PM

I greatly look forward to being of the most positive service to you!!!

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In My Visit from Jesus Christ He Told Me “Keep Doing Everything You’re Doing and Don’t Stop” I Cordially Invite You to Join this Group


Jesus’ visit had a HUGE impact on my life because it directly correlates with YOURS! You can read all about My Visit from Jesus Christ so you have more of a personal understanding.

The rest of my life is completely devoted to sharing this nondenominational process of receiving answers from God/Source/Creator/Holy Spirit/Higher Self/Infinite Intelligence/ by whatever name you personally use.

Originally founded by Barbara Rose, PhD in 2005 as International Institute of Higher Self Communication, God, Source, Higher Self Communication Global Group is a private Facebook group that is a non-denominational spiritual service to help humanity with your birthright of receiving answers directly from God, as you personally understand Him/Her to be-Your Higher Self.

Higher Self Communication is the purest resource humanity has for receiving Divine truth at all times that steers each soul out of the ego’s domain of darkness and fear and into the wellspring of Divine answers, direction, clarification and the most PURE guidance 24/7.

By integrating humanity’s birthright of Higher Self communication into your everyday life, the answers that have previously been hidden from operating strictly from five senses are taken to the next level where you can receive every answer you need that leads to unparalleled personal and spiritual growth.

The foundation of this pure process is based on Barbara’s bestselling book If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! endorsed by Stephen Simon, Producer and Director of the hit feature films Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come and Co-Founder of

This group is here for you now to support you, help you with your process of receiving Higher Answers and celebrate YOU SHINING! It’s completely FREE!

Click Here to Join Now!

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Your Value & Finding the Courage to Live Up to Your Worth


Your Value & Finding the Courage to Live Up to Your Worth
By Barbara Rose, PhD

The illusion is that your life, worth, esteem, importance, or contribution to humanity is based on material things.
This is the illusion.

Most people placed a very high value on Mother Teresa.
They accurately assessed a very special human life. Yet how many material things did she own? She had very little, yet she helped to truly uplift humanity. She was a very special soul, doing much needed work. In fact, she was the epitome of an important person.
We all value virtue when we see it. Yet we lose sight of virtue in the face of a daily barrage of ads for material things that we are falsely led to believe will make us better people, more worthy, more highly respected – as if our intrinsic value were not enough to make us worthy and deserving of respect.

Your Choices

The most important thing you must know is that you hold the individual power to choose how you respond to the events in your life; it is solely your choice to move in one direction or another. With your choices, you create your own reality.

Now, there are agreements between souls who enter your life for certain growth lessons or experiences in which you agreed to participate; those meetings are predestined, but their outcomes are not. The outcomes depend on the choices you make.

So, if you find you are being disempowered due to meeting a certain person, then consider that the reason this person entered your life was so you could grow to honor your own self and push away from one who undermines your growth, if you choose to do this. Should you choose to remain with one who undermines your growth and causes you to feel less than the incredible being you are, you will find that your choice results in misery. You will end up sacrificing your life, playing victim to a chance meeting, a meeting that was predestined to help you come to terms with your highest growth issue.

Of the millions of people who are sacrificing their very lives by choosing to remain in abusive relationships, all in the name of love, I ask, who are you loving? Where are you keeping yourself, and what justifications are you using to avoid your own personal growth? Do not use love as an excuse here. To be a victim, to falsely empower an abuser, is anything but love. To realize a great part of your inner worth is to see your way beyond the challenges. You must set your sights above them and find the inner resources, by connecting to your higher self, or your deepest inner knowing to guide you in the direction of your choosing, for your highest good.

An event in your life is only a part of your life and not your whole life.
Do keep the grander picture in mind. Keep the perspective that any event or circumstance or person in your life does not constitute your entire life but a part of it.

This can be either most pleasurable or most painful. I would venture to say that any experience that brings you pain is there for you to grow and learn from. Moreover, any experience that brings you pleasure is given to you because you deserve to experience pleasure.

Do seek to grow and to learn so all of your life can be as joyful and as pleasurable as possible. Suffering is part of the tapestry until you realize the gift or the reason for the suffering. In most cases suffering stems from denial of what is in front of you and from your fear of embracing that which is trying to move you in the most positive direction.

So, as you suffer, you are forced to look at the source of your suffering. It is not the other. It is you. And it is your choice to either embrace the experiences before you or walk away from them. You will know which course of action will ultimately bring you the greatest happiness. When you are true to yourself, you always know what to do.

This is paramount in a consciousness, a life that seeks to evolve.
Your potential is unlimited as a human being. The only way you will be able to fulfill your potential and feel your genuine worth is by making choices based solely on your deepest truth, just one moment at a time.

Excerpt from the book Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth, and Your Life Published by The Rose Group © Copyright 2003, 2011, 2019 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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Rose Center for Personal Advancement

On May 23, 2019 at 5:55 AM Dr. Barbara Rose had a vivid dream to found Rose Center for Personal Advancement to uplift the lives of those who feel hopeless, who are down for any reason and to provide this pure life changing service to humanity globally along with other renowned experts who are on our faculty.

People from every culture share the same wishes: To be happy, to feel loved, to have more than enough money for what each person needs to live a decent life, to have hope during times of tragedy, and to have someone to turn to who truly cares.

In Barbara’s dream God literally guided Barbara to wake up and write down the name of this new humanitarian global service – and she did. On June 2, 2019 God guided Barbara to officially Found this organization on her website as the official date of humanitarian hope, solace, answers, guidance, and solutions for each person who needs them globally via phone, online in videos, and global teleseminars.

This new baby of an organization works in collaboration with other humanitarian leaders who care about making the most positive difference for humanity. People who are heart centered from all cultures are welcome to write in to be part of a global faculty with specialized areas of help and focus so people can contact whomever they feel drawn to for their own personal advancement.

This organization is about YOU! We are here to help you when you need help. People can sponsor this cause with their organization to make it affordable for people to receive scholarships for extremely low and/or free service to rise in life. Dr. Rose provides this service to humanity from the bottom of her heart and soul – she wants YOU to rise!

Thank you for your valuable comments and suggestions in advance. Thank you for making a difference by joining the faculty. Thank you for being an example of a person who was once down and has risen to be an inspiration to others who know you and others who will find out about your wonderful contributions in our world.

Together we are all needed. Together we strive to serve with pure hearts and together we succeed.

Sending you Godspeed!

Barbara Rose, PhD, Founder Rose Center for Personal Advancement

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Access All Barbara Rose PhD Podcasts to Uplift Your Life in Personal Growth, Relationships & Spiritual Awakening


It is my humble honor to share my podcast vault with you completely FREE to make the most positive difference in your life in the areas of personal growth & transformation, relationships and spiritual awakening.

Click on This Fully Secure Link for Immediate Access to All Podcasts

You can listen on ANY device and pick up from where you left off at any time.

The podcasts come from decades of my own personal growth, relationship challenges and transformation, as well as incredible spiritual awakening.

You are more than welcome to share the link to this page so ANYONE you care about can also have completely free access globally at any time.

It is my greatest hope the the podcasts truly give you the answers you have been searching for that I used to search for as well!

I’m happy our paths have crossed. Enjoy the podcasts from my heart to yours.


Barbara Rose, PhD

Link for Immediate Access to All Podcasts

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Video: Does He or She Deserve YOU?

Watch this empowering video and take it into your heart. You will already know your answer – the best thing you can do is follow through with your truth in action.

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Critical Communication Styles and Results

By Barbara Rose, PhD

The Questions

1. If I’m upset with someone, what is the best way to communicate?
2. What is the best thing to say if someone tries to push my buttons?

3. How can I break an old cycle of negative communication and replace it with a positive one with the same person?

4. What does my communication style have to do with my ability to relate in a healthy way?

5. Where does the line cross from communication to a power play between two people, and how can I change the dynamic of power plays?

By Barbara Rose, PhD


1. If I’m upset with someone, what is the best way to communicate?

The best and only way to communicate is to state how you feel and why. If the other person is giving you a hard time, simply state what you are observing. You can notice that you are upset with someone, and you can notice that you aren’t entirely pleased with the other person. At the same time, consider the other person’s feelings before you lash out.

It is vital for you to share, rather than attack. It is crucial that you learn how to simply state what you prefer, rather than lash out, scream, insult or put the other person down.

Many people do this, and they would never do this with a stranger they truly admire and respect. So it comes down to self observation, awareness, and to begin to treat the other person exactly as you would a dear friend for whom you have the utmost respect. You can speak graciously and state your truth kindly. Communicate with kindness, because this will always build a bridge of understanding between both of you, rather than create a war.

2. What is the best thing to say if someone tries to push my buttons?

Ask them what kind of reaction they are looking for! In other words, rather than go into “auto-react” mode, go into “observation” mode. When someone knows there are no longer buttons to push, they essentially will realize that they can also grow and evolve by expressing their needs, preferences, fears or anything that is bothering them rather than try to push your buttons to get a reaction out of you.

This will greatly help both of you evolve to a much more authentic level of communication that creates safety, and genuine understanding.


3. How can I break an old cycle of negative communication and replace it with a positive one with the same person?

All you need to do is to react in a new, healthy way with the same person. If you used to lash out, attack, go into silent mode, withdraw, or degrade, simply notice how you feel. Then, with a great measure of self awareness, you can choose how you speak to the other person. Your reactions are solely and completely within your control and no one else’s. No one can “make” you upset, or scream, or say rude, insulting things. Every word that comes out of your mouth is entirely within your control and no one else’s.

Begin your sentences with the letter “I”. For example: “I know you know how to communicate better than that.” Or, “I’m not so clear about what you mean, and I’d really like to understand. Can you please let me know how you feel?” Or, “I understand how you feel, I’ve felt the same way many times before.”

In other words, you are relating to the other person, rather than having an ego contest. If you speak honestly and authentically, just like you would to your dearest and best friend, then a lot of the confusion will melt away. If you engage in new understanding, rather than old drama, that is exactly what you will create – new understanding! This feels much better than negative drama that gets both people nowhere. OBSERVE what is about to fly out of your mouth, and ask yourself if you would appreciate it if the other person said the same thing to you, BEFORE you say whatever you are about to say. This will greatly help you to catch the old pattern, and replace it with authentic communication that is REAL. This is what creates genuine understanding between people, and every person sincerely loves to be understood.

4. What does my communication style have to do with my ability to relate in a healthy way?

Just about everything. If you are judgmental, your communication will be harsh and critical. If you are compassionate, your communication will be filled with a lot of understanding.

If you are a manipulator, what you say will be motivated by an ulterior motive and completely lack sincerity – people are not stupid, they pick up on this.

If you are heart-centered, what you express will be shared with care for the other person’s feelings.

If you are insecure, you will put the other person down just to puff yourself up.

If you are growing, you will express how you feel, when you feel it, and everything you say will match everything you are genuinely thinking and feeling.

If you are relating in a healthy way, then only pure truth, spoken with care and sincerity will be what you express. What you will receive in return is heart-centered, clear, honest and genuine communication. This is the foundation of healthy relating with anyone.

5. Where does the line cross from communication to a power play between two people, and how can I change the dynamic of power plays?

Authentic communication is sincere, and the other person picks up on the sincerity. A power play is completely motivated by ego, and the communication has an ulterior motive. Maybe someone feels insecure, and rather than state that they feel uneasy, or insecure, they might try to test the other person by saying something to get a reaction out of them. This typically leads to unnecessary conflict, and never creates understanding.

Power plays are typically motivated by old fears that have not yet been resolved inside. The ONLY way to change a power play is to become consciously aware of what you may feel afraid of. Remember, you cannot change another person, only yourself. It is your personal responsibility to become aware of what your deepest fears are with respect to relating to another person, and heal that fear. You can speak about your fear, and this will immediately disengage a power play.

Many people don’t feel comfortable showing or sharing that they feel afraid, no matter what that fear is about with respect to a relationship – that being relating to another person on a deeply personal, intimate level, even if there is not physical romance involved. The greatest thing you can do is ADMIT any fear that you have, so that its expression is brought out into the open, rather than hidden beneath a power play.

To change the dynamic of a power play, notice if you sense the other person is trying to pull a power play with you, and simply reflect back to them what they said, kindly and graciously. Then ask him or her to please explain what their motive is behind what they are asking rather than “react” back. You can even ask the other person what kind of reaction they are looking for from you. This immediately stops the power game and brings truth up to the surface.

In all cases what you are ultimately creating is trust, honesty, reliability, authenticity and healthy reciprocity with all of your communication, especially with people that you care a lot about. This, like anything else in life, takes conscious effort. It requires you to become consciously aware of what you are feeling, thinking, and then what you are stating.

If you make pure honesty your rule of thumb, always and under all circumstances, the need for any sort of power play will vanish. You will feel much more secure inside, because you had the courage to share what you feel. Remember to never judge your feelings – they are all valid. One feeling is not better or worse, weaker or stronger than another. If you simply state or express exactly what is going on inside of you, what you will come to find is that the rest of the human race also experiences similar feelings from time to time. You will realize that you can relate honestly. You can create understanding, and you can share in the healthiest manner. Each time you do, you are gaining authentic inner strength that is based on truth, rather than ego.

You are becoming an example for yourself, and creating a safe and trusting atmosphere for the other person at the same time to know that he or she can always say how they feel. Under all circumstances remember to notice how you feel before you speak. If you feel upset, say that you feel upset, rather than attack. If you need someone to listen, state your preference. Replace rude communication with authentic sharing. If you have a genuine question, ask it! If you care, say it! Remember that every member of the human race wants to be accepted and understood. If you begin with learning how to FULLY accept and understand YOURSELF, you will be much better able to do this with the other person. Then, all of your communication will be genuine, based on pure truth and authenticity. The dynamics between you will reflect this. The pure foundation of a trusted relationship will be built, and as long as anything is built on truth with pure motives, only the best of the best will come out of it for you, the other person, and perhaps for many others as a result.

© Copyright 2012, 2019 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.


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Self Love & Your Relationships

By Barbara Rose, PhD

1. How do I love myself?

2. How can I feel like I don’t need approval and validation from anyone else anymore?

3. Why is it so hard for me to love myself?

4. What can I do to really feel happy inside?

5. Why is it so hard for me to take a compliment?

6. How can I know if someone loves me for who I am?


1. How do I love myself?

Love of Self is simply a view of Self. If you view yourself with a great deal of compassion, and suspend all judgment, then replace that judgment with understanding, and compassion, you will come closer and closer to love your authentic self.

So many people have taken on the views of others during their earlier years, and have not learned how to replace those views with the pure truth.

The way to do this is to immediately stop insulting yourself, cutting yourself down, and degrading yourself.

This is paramount! Instead of saying: “I stink at this” say: “I am doing my best, and that is all that is needed.”

You have to bring all of the small insulting lies that you tell yourself up to your conscious awareness.

Once you NOTICE what you are actually telling yourself, and if it is degrading, simply notice it without any judgment whatsoever, and then replace it with something more compassionate and understanding.

Speak to yourself the way you would to someone that you have great respect for.

Love for Self, and love for any other person comes from our views and perceptions. It is all within the mind. Our mind is governed by our thoughts. Our thoughts create our feelings. Our feelings urge us into action, and the cycle continues.

So in order to truly love yourself, you must change how you view yourself, and that can only be with complete compassion, care, respect, and honestly taking a conscious effort to change the verbal abuse you dish out to yourself when you are not even aware of it most of the time.

People that love themselves do NOT degrade themselves. I wouldn’t dare degrade YOU, so please immediately stop degrading yourself, and come to embrace your unique qualities. You chose those qualities and attributes for your unique contribution in this world.

Honor what makes you “different” because that is your unique Light that you are on this Earth to shine!

Treat yourself the way you wish someone else would treat you, and always give yourself a heartfelt hug for the sacred person that you are.

2. How can I feel like I don’t need approval and validation from anyone else anymore?

If you are going to base your sense of self worth on the changing views and perceptions of others, then it is like building a house on shifting sand.

Every person has the right to their own views and perceptions, and no one has the right to judge you.

It is solely your view of self that matters, because only you can live your truth!

You know what feels true for you inside and what does not. Another person cannot ever live your truth, or tell you what is true for you.

Once you start to honor what feels true for you in your heart, and simply go for it without even speaking about it to anyone else, you will come to feel a great measure of inner confidence that grows each time you honor what feels right to you in your heart – not your head, or your fears, but in your heart.

It takes practice, like anything else, and once you get used to honoring and following your own inner truth, you will no longer feel the need to receive validation and approval from anyone, ever.

3. Why is it so hard for me to love myself?

It is hard because no one ever taught you how to honor yourself, your preferences, your talents, abilities, strengths, inner gifts, and areas of self expression that are uniquely yours.

So if you were never taught how to do something, why are you being so hard on yourself?

Now, all you really need to do – which is actually quite simple, is to tell yourself every good quality you have on the inside in front of the mirror, each day, based on your observable actions.

Begin a dialogue to become friends with the person you see every day.

So if you fed your pet, that is being caring. If you called a friend that is going through a hard time – that is being compassionate. If you went to work so you can pay your bills – that is being responsible.

So you are to walk up to that face in the mirror, and as hard as it will be for your ego to do this dialogue, what will happen is that you are slowly, day by day, going to become your own best friend. You are going to feel more self-appreciation. You are going to feel more care for yourself. This mirror process truly works! I have taught it to countless people over the last decade, and I also had to go through it myself for over two years, every day, to chip away at the lies I was told growing up, and replace it with authentic truth, based on my observable actions, so my big ego would actually believe me.

Trust that there will be fierce resistance to this from your ego in the beginning. I actually cursed at myself my first time in front of the mirror over a decade ago. I wouldn’t dare curse at myself now!

I can attest that every single person I teach this to, and share this with, now loves themselves genuinely. The ego is melting away, along with the self-degrading lies.

If you really want to love yourself, the old beliefs must be transformed. It is like cleaning out an inner closet with an old belief system, and replacing it with authentic truth.

No one can give this to you but you.

No one can love you and make you feel lovable.

You have to know and believe you are lovable.

This is just one technique that cost nothing, and brings about astounding change every single time.

You have to also realize that it is your responsibility to learn how to appreciate yourself, no matter what circumstances are facing you, and never seek to validate yourself from the outside in, because you can only be validated from the inside out. This will get you there a LOT faster than anything I have ever come across.

4. What can I do to really feel happy inside?

First, do the mirror technique that I outlined above twice a day, for two years.

Then, imagine that you have a clean slate before you – called your life – and that there was a guarantee that if you followed your truth, you could NOT FAIL.

What do you really want to do with your days and nights? If you had twelve million dollars in the bank, and you already owned every THING that you have ever wanted to own, what would you love to do so much that you would do it for free?

What are the natural talents and abilities that you have? What are you naturally good at? What makes you feel so alive?

These are the questions that you have to ask yourself, so that you can get to the core of who you are on the inside, and then you will be able to live it, and love every minute of it on the outside.

The only things that make me feel happy are when I am with my children, when I am giving my private consultations and intensives, writing (this for you : )) working (in absolute JOY) on inspire! magazine, going out in nature, doing my hobbies, really enjoying the night sky, or a sunset – they are simple pleasures. Being with friends and laughing – that’s something we could all use more of! Bringing through information from Divine Source in my writings – I love every minute of it! I love to travel (sometimes) and there is so much in life that I love. So I create time to do it all during my days and nights.

I had to CREATE my life, no one gave it to me.

You have to create the life of your dreams, based solely on what you love, and on how you can serve from your heart so that you are really making a difference.

For me, personally, there is no greater joy than when I am making a difference – that’s why I love the work (joy) that I do so much!

Many times I am volunteering and do NOT get paid for my work – like right now. And I still love it just as much as if I was paid ten thousand dollars for the few hours it takes to put this together.

You came into this life for a purpose. The key is to find out what that purpose is, so you CAN move in that direction, and live your life in-joy!

It is then that you will be doing everything that will make you happy, because you will be living from the inside out, rather than looking for an answer from the outside in.

5. Why is it so hard for me to take a compliment?

Probably because you are so used to taking insults. I was there too! If someone complimented me I would say: “Oh, that’s not true.” Because what I really wanted was more validation. I then learned a simple technique that actually changed that. I learned to simply say Thank You.

For the first dozen or so compliments, it was really hard for me to do that. Then, I began to feel more comfortable accepting a compliment.

NOW, I learned NOT to take a compliment seriously at ALL – because it is based solely and completely on the views of another person, and what is in their mind – which has nothing to do with me!

Additionally, I don’t take an insult personally either – how freeing!

I can be completely open to constructive critique, such as when I’m working on a project, however, I no longer take it into the core of my being like I used to.

Just say “Thank You” when someone compliments you, and should anyone ever insult you, just know that it is coming from their own perceptions, and never take it seriously.

Moreover, people do like to express their views. So if someone does share their views with you, just know that they are entitled to them, and maintain your own view of self with a lot of loving compassion, and zero self-judgment – that is the key!

6. How can I know if someone loves me for who I am?

By your keen instincts, the subtle things you pick up on, and really being honest with yourself. Perhaps someone adores you and you may not feel worthy of that. So you may doubt that anyone can really love you for you.

When you really love and value yourself, in a genuine way – without all of the ego, you will come to trust your feelings and perceptions. You will instinctually “know” if someone is for real or not. The trick here is are you being real with yourself, or are you playing games with yourself, and not following your own truth?

We tend to doubt others when we doubt ourselves. We also pick up on the authentic feelings other people have for us when we are being authentic with ourselves.

Trust your feelings, and get your head out of the way. Move more into your heart center and dare to expose how you really feel – even if it just to yourself. You will find that when you are completely honest with yourself, and the feelings in your heart, you can then learn to trust what you are picking up from other people. You will trust yourself, and you will be able to follow what feels true for you. You will also know if someone really does or does not love you – you will know – once you come to know and honor what you feel inside fully.

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