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In My Visit from Jesus Christ He Told Me “Keep Doing Everything You’re Doing and Don’t Stop” I Cordially Invite You to Join this Group


Jesus’ visit had a HUGE impact on my life because it directly correlates with YOURS! You can read all about My Visit from Jesus Christ so you have more of a personal understanding.

The rest of my life is completely devoted to sharing this nondenominational process of receiving answers from God/Source/Creator/Holy Spirit/Higher Self/Infinite Intelligence/ by whatever name you personally use.

Originally founded by Barbara Rose, PhD in 2005 as International Institute of Higher Self Communication, God, Source, Higher Self Communication Global Group is a private Facebook group that is a non-denominational spiritual service to help humanity with your birthright of receiving answers directly from God, as you personally understand Him/Her to be-Your Higher Self.

Higher Self Communication is the purest resource humanity has for receiving Divine truth at all times that steers each soul out of the ego’s domain of darkness and fear and into the wellspring of Divine answers, direction, clarification and the most PURE guidance 24/7.

By integrating humanity’s birthright of Higher Self communication into your everyday life, the answers that have previously been hidden from operating strictly from five senses are taken to the next level where you can receive every answer you need that leads to unparalleled personal and spiritual growth.

The foundation of this pure process is based on Barbara’s bestselling book If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! endorsed by Stephen Simon, Producer and Director of the hit feature films Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come and Co-Founder of

This group is here for you now to support you, help you with your process of receiving Higher Answers and celebrate YOU SHINING! It’s completely FREE!

Click Here to Join Now!

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How to Become Awakened and Enlightened

Awakening Consciousness
Questions with Answers

1. How can I become awakened and enlightened?

2. What can I do when circumstances get the best of me?

3. What is the best practice I can do in order to achieve an enlightened state?

4. When I feel down and upset, how can I transform this into personal awakening?

5. What is the key to Christ Consciousness and pure enlightenment?

The Answers

1. How can I become awakened and enlightened?

They way to awakening is to merge your thoughts with the Divine higher perspective. It is the way of anchoring the light of God, creator, within your mind. As you direct your mind to the light, and as your heart felt intention to serve as a being of light merges with your desire to become a living expression of Christ consciousness, God consciousness, this heart felt desire will help you to focus your mind on the light. When your mind is focused on the blessing even amid circumstances that are unpleasant, and when your mind seeks to serve and become one with your Higher Self, you are both serving God, as well as being an expression of God in your life.

This requires steady focus on what is going through your mind, and consciously re-directing your thoughts to the light. It calls for you to ask God to help you by seeing the higher perspective so that you can radiate out the higher rather than the lower perspective.

You came in to this life to attain your highest, purest and most loving state of being and expression. Release all attachment to outcomes. Commit yourself fully to being the light of the Creator in every moment of your life. Keep the thoughts in your mind pure, and your emotional body, mental state, and personality will then merge with and become an expression of the purest consciousness in this universe. This consciousness can never escape you, because it is you. Once you begin to live in this way every time your mind is focused on anything other than light, you will awaken. You will allow the enlightenment that is your essence to flow from within you, and you will serve yourself, others, as well as share with those who ask how to shift their minds focus to the light, where all answers, awakening and enlightenment is. You are this expression, and it is time now for you to live in this awakened state for eternity.

Barbara's White Rose
2. What can I do when circumstances get the best of me?

Many times, in fact, all times, circumstances that you are unhappy about have come into your life precisely so that you can find the light within that circumstance. I call this “strengtheners” as opposed to “testers.” It is your conscious choice to weaken or strengthen. The gift of free will and choice humanity has endows each spiritual human being with the ability to focus on the light behind the darkness, and to transform any dark circumstance into one of light.

This can only be done first with a decision within your mind. It is your heart felt commitment to discovering the higher reason, and moving in that direction that will enable you to become the best that you are as a result of the circumstances that have acted as catalysts for your coming into your highest and purest state of being and expression. This is your purpose. It is to be the light, under all circumstances, and to bring light to those circumstances. Then, you will be living and sharing the higher purpose. Personal and global transformation is the result of this, where light transforms darkness. And it is your mind, focus, dedication, and expression of this light that will serve to help uplift the lives of those who are undergoing circumstances similar to yours.

3. What is the best practice I can do in order to achieve an enlightened state?

First, breathe. Then ask God, your Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Source or whatever name you give to the source of the pure love, light and truth in the universe to help you see the light. When you ask for the higher perspective, and when you focus on light, and practice Higher Self communication on a daily basis, you will come to know that the practice is never a ritual. It is a pure state that comes from your heart to bring you into your highest awareness, awakening, and then inner peace will replace any internal discord you may feel.

Dedicate yourself to serve as a beacon of light from your heart. Share with others the higher perspective you have realized. Remember that no one person can ever be the source of your enlightenment. You are source, and it is in connecting to this unlimited, boundless and eternal expression of light with every thought, motive and deed that you will achieve an enlightened state. What your mind focuses on is the key combined with the purest intentions within your heart. BE the light.

Ask that light permeate every corner of your life, and consciousness. As your unwavering dedication to being this expression of Divine light and love continues, you will only feel light and love. You will then be enlightened and feel inner peace at all times, under all circumstances, because you will know that light is the source of all circumstances to help you to see the light that you are, which no outer circumstance can ever extinguish.

4. When I feel down and upset, how can I transform this into personal awakening?

With compassion. Have compassion for yourself and all others. Have compassion for the circumstances that are there to help you honor your highest truth. When you feel down, it is usually because there is an external condition that your personality is not happy about. Go beyond the personality level, and ask for the higher perspective. This will end the cycle of internal discord. This will begin the cycle of seeing every circumstance from the Highest perspective which will free you from drama.

It will open your mind to the transformation that is about to be birthed from within you. Bless every person and circumstance as you view them to be catalysts for your personal and spiritual evolution. Once you have done this, you will no longer feel upset. You will feel free. This feeling of pure inner freedom that is never bound to a circumstance or situation is the result of personal awakening. View each time you feel down as an opportunity to move into the light of the higher perspective. It is from this vantage point that all internal upset will be transformed into internal peace.

5. What is the key to Christ Consciousness and pure enlightenment?

Your heart centered, pure motives as well as your unwavering dedication and commitment to become the physical embodiment of Christ consciousness every moment of your life. When your heart and mind are aligned in this manner, with steady focus on the light behind each circumstance, you will feel they key in your heart. The key is filled with the purest of love. To uplift yourself, and then to help others by example in any manner that is necessary. Show compassion instead of anger.

Give understanding. Remove yourself from all negativity. Be the light you wish to see in this world, and know one thing: You are not only an expression of the light, you are the light giving expression. This is the key. Remember it always, and live it with every breath you take. This path is filled with radiant inner peace. It is the path that yields the most joy as it naturally spreads joy to all others, regardless of space or time.

Consciousness transcends all space and time. When your consciousness is single focused, solely and completely on light and love – there will only be light and love, as well as the inner strength to carry it out every moment of your life. Others will remember your pure heart-centered example, and they too will awaken to and embody pure light, love, truth and the inner strength to carry it out until all of humanity lives in this way. And this, is the Christ Consciousness that is awakened within every human being. This is the time, and now, your decision to reach within your heart will engage your mind into its highest state, each moment, every moment, and thus, you will be the embodiment of pure enlightenment.

© Copyright 2012, 2020 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved

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It’s For Real. Receiving Higher Answers that are Life Changing

By Barbara Rose, PhD

In 1994 a highly evolved spiritual man told me that I would be bringing through answers from my “Higher Self” to uplift the spiritual consciousness of humanity.

I bluntly asked, “What’s a Higher Self?” He replied, it’s the one you call God. I looked at him like he had three heads from Pluto and burst out laughing at what I thought was the impossibility of it all and asked, “Why would God want to speak to ME? I’m not the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa!” He told me that even though I could not relate to what he was saying, I would find that I would be bringing through words in writing and speech to uplift the spiritual consciousness of humanity.

Huh?!|? I didn’t even know what that meant. And I definitely could not relate to what he said at all. I thought the whole thing was insane. Like, receive answers from God, yeah, right.

Then my life, being and entire world was shattered by my ex-husband, and I deeply wanted answers! So I tried what the spiritual man told me I would do, and I wrote down a question to God. Then words started flowing into my mind in the form of an answer that I wrote down. WOW! A-HA! Oh My God, God is right! My whole paradigm shifted, I went from praying to die to having a new lease on life! I went from existing life a breathing corpse to feeling like a lit Christmas tree! I RECEIVED REAL ANSWERS!

Then I started sharing this process with people online, and THEY started to receive answers as well! Not just any answer – answers that changed their lives. This process, whether you call it Higher Self Communication, or Receiving Answers from God/Source/Holy Spirit/Creator/All That Is/I Am That I Am/Higher Consciousness – by whatever name you feel comfortable with – is for real.

In a nutshell, it is your sixth sense. There is nothing religious about it at all. It is the same source as that “still small voice within that guides you.” Did you ever receive inner guidance? Did you ever NOT follow it? Did you then regret not following it? Yes, me, too! Did you ever follow your inner guidance and was glad you did? Wow, yes, me, too!

So the source within that guides you within your mind is not Aunt Edna. It’s the highest Source of love, wisdom and truth in the universe! And it is your birthright to receive Higher Answers 24/7 to anything that is weighing on your heart and mind.

When you are living your life utilizing all six senses, you are doing far better than only using five. Your sixth sense is the strongest one of all! It carries the energy that cannot fool anyone! Humanity becomes transparent. People’s motives become crystal clear. And you receive answers and guidance on a conscious level that make life so much easier, and simple at the same time.

I share this process in my book If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! For anyone who is not spiritual the same process is shared in my book Wisdom on the Other Side of Knowledge.

Life is so much easier when you have unfailing guidance. You are never truly alone. And as crazy as I thought this was when I was originally told about it twenty three years ago, it is the most loving, pure resource we ALL have access to at any time we need it.

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About Divine Communication – A Special Q & A

rippling-effect  By Barbara Rose, PhD

1. How can anyone receive direct communication from Divine Source, God, Higher Self,  All That Is?

Each spiritual/human being IS a physical manifestation of Divine Source. We are always receiving communication at every moment of our lives, however, most people are attuned to what their five senses are showing them, and think they are closed off to receiving direct Divine communication.

Each time you have a “gut instinct” or that “still small voice” within that is guiding you, even if the guidance may not make sense to your logical mind, such as: “Don’t take this road home today” even if it is the same road you travel every day when you drive home, that is Divine Source communicating directly to you.

Each of us has a spiritual connection via our soul to the information and energy, answers and clarification that we would like to receive from God/ Higher Self/ Creator. There is not one human being that does not have this ability. The only difference between those who receive Divine information clearly, and those that believe that this is a near impossible endeavor is practice!

The more open you are to following first your gut instincts, following that still small voice, and practicing asking questions via writings, or simply from your heart, it is your heart-felt intention to receive clarity, answers and solutions that WILL be heard, and answered, every time.

Direct Divine communication is each person’s inherent birthright. We are all Spiritual beings, and at every moment, we ARE connected. It is just like turning on the radio to hear what a station is broadcasting. We have to open up our end to receive the answers, however, they are always transmitted to us with the level of growth and understanding that we have at each point in our life. When you are truly ready to receive communication, all you have to do is ask for it, and be sure that you will receive it!

2. What is the difference between doing My will and God’s will?

You will know that you are doing “God’s will” or Divine Will when all of your intentions are to be of positive service for both your highest good and the highest good of all sentient beings.

When you are passionately living and being in the moment, unattached to outcomes, and are in absolute love with the process of all you are doing, then you are creating from your Divine essence, and thus are being a Divine expression of Divine Source in your life.

The most important part of doing and being an expression of the Divine in your life, is that your virtuous intentions are to be of service to others, while you regard others as precious as yourself. This is the highest manifestation of Divine Will operating in your life, and this can only come from one place, and that is from your heart.

3. What does it feel like to receive direct communication from Divine Source?

When I receive information in writing, there is a feeling of deep inner peace, and profound love permeating my heart, as well as my surroundings. I am completely aware of my surroundings, however, I am so “in” the moment, that I do not recall the information I brought through until after I read it. There is complete compassion, and wisdom that pours through me, and there is a feeling supreme Divine protection around me. There is zero judgment, and profound love.

When I receive information that comes directly into my mind, and brought through in my speech when communicating the information to others, the inner feeling is the same, and there is a tremendous positive surge of energy that is profoundly uplifting, and all-knowing. It is a fantastic, enlightening experience, and it feels quite natural, however, Divinely guided and communicated. While I bring through information for others through speech, I am completely aware of my surroundings in the moment, however, after 24-48 hours, I have no recollection of the information I have brought through, unless someone tells me exactly what I have brought through, I then remember that part quite clearly, however, that is the only part that is re-awakened within my memory for that person.

4. How can I tell the difference between “false prophets” and pure messages from Divine Source?

Divine Source NEVER communicates information that is fear based, frightening, or carries an energy that is negative with any type of impending doom. The information is filled with tremendous love, compassion, guidance, clarity, patience and direction for our highest good at all times.

“False Prophets” tend to thrive on igniting more fear among people, and often carry judgment. Their messages will tell you that you “must” do something, as opposed to leaving it to what feels true for you in your heart.

Divine Source will always let you know the best course of action or inaction that you can take in order to live your grandest and highest vision of yourself, however there is never any judgment, and there is only pure, loving support, compassion, and extreme patience. There is never “gloom and doom” and there is always inspiration and hope, along with a higher perspective that will leave you feeling authentically empowered and uplifted with unconditional love.

5. Why are so many people claiming to be bringing through Divine information from God now?

This can be best explained by stating: “why are there so many people claiming that the Earth is round and not flat now?” All human beings are Spiritual beings, and we all have six senses, not five. So many more people are fully opening their connection to their Higher Self, the Angelic Realm, Divine Source, and whatever name you give to whomever you pray to.

We ALL have the natural ability to communicate and receive profound realizations from the Highest realms of Light – where all truth, purity, and love emanates. This is our natural birthright, as much as any of our five senses are. We are here to use ALL of our senses, and as more people are, the information is helping to heal so many levels of life on Earth, and bring help, hope and answers to so many more people. This is our gift, and to cultivate this gift with a pure heart, to make life better for others in any and all areas possible, is the highest life purpose a human being can attain during this most precious human life on Earth.

6. How can I learn to discern between the voice of Divine Source and my own voice?

I can only share with you how I discern, as many people receive Divine information in many different ways. The words come into my mind quite distinctly. It is like that “still small voice” only much louder, and with a distinct certainty about it.

Many times my own voice will have doubts, and questions, however, the voice of Divine Source is filled with pure information that is certain. There is nothing ambiguous about it. It is definitive, clear, and authoritative when giving warnings or information that relates to safety, such as a hurricane, or the forthcoming death of someone I know, as well as filled with much love and compassion at all times. I am also given images in my mind, and information about a person, even when I have never met them or spoken to them. The messages are loud and crystal clear, whereas my “own” voice may be more questioning and uncertain, the words of Divine Source that come into my mind have zero uncertainty about them, and they have been 100% accurate at all times.

It can best be described as a sure “knowing” that is transmitted into my mind via words with absolute certainty.

7. If God really exists, why are so many bad things happening in our world now?

We are all endowed with free will and choice. Adolf Hitler could have used his tremendous power to uplift humanity rather than have millions of innocent people tortured and killed.

God, Divine Source will NOT interfere with our free will and choice, and as we become more aware of the absolute laws of this Universe with regard to cause and effect, you can be certain that you WILL reap what you sow. You will create positive karma or negative karma via your intentions and actions. As we are living in highly accelerated times of profound spiritual growth, the karma that we create is almost instantaneous now, whereas many years ago, it would have taken lifetimes to reap the results of our actions. Now, we are reaping them within days, and even hours or minutes. So it is of utmost importance to purify your mind of all anger, which is so destructive, and to align yourself with motives, words and deeds that you would like to receive in return.

This is the compass you can use in your life: If you want what you send out to come back upon you one hundred fold, then by all means, send it out via your motives, words and deeds. If you would NOT like to receive what you are sending out, then re-think, and reassess what you are about to do, and CHOOSE to turn it all around for positive and beneficial outcomes for all. THIS is how God/Divine Source works in our life – it is THROUGH us, because we ARE the Divine manifest in physical form. And it is through our conscious choices and actions that we CAN create heaven on Earth, simply by cherishing all living beings as supremely important, and treating them as such. We will all find then, that we are given tremendous realizations, and opportunities for personal awakening, which will dispel the darkness and confusion of our own minds, bringing us clarity, happiness, and joy, which we can then spread to all others.

© Copyright 2005, 2017 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved


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How to Receive Higher Answers from Source


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    • You cannot transform a lack of inner peace from the same level of consciousness that is currently viewing the situation and still experiencing the same lack of inner peace. YOU NEED THE HIGHER PERSPECTIVE via YOUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS directly from God/Source by whatever name you personally use.
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The Virgin Experiment I NEVER Thought I Would Make Public


The Virgin Experiment I NEVER Thought I Would Make Public
By Barbara Rose, PhD

The following information is deeply personal. It was a “virgin experiment” that took place between January 14, 2001 and January 17, 2001.

At that time, I desperately wanted to know if the answers I was receiving from God were actual truth, or not.

I asked my boyfriend at the time to ask me questions that he knew I had absolutely no prior knowledge about. I wrote down the questions, slept for three solid days, and woke up bringing through the answers in forty three hand written pages.

What I am about to share with you are only the answers that I believe can be for anyone’s eyes, however the more personal questions that were asked and answered, I shall not disclose, because they are personal and would not serve any purpose for you whatsoever.

For confidentiality purposes, I have changed the name to “Al” when a name was mentioned. I must note that I failed high school algebra, and the only science class I ever took in my life was high school biology. I did not have a scientific background or education at any time in my life, including now. I still don’t know what all of this means, but that is okay. If it serves you in any positive manner, or brings you enjoyment in reading this, that is all I care about.

Here are the five questions and the answers that follow transcribed verbatim.

The Questions asked on 1-14-2001

How close is the next highly intelligent life from outside our solar system?

When will we discover extraterrestrial intelligence?

Why does a photon act like a particle and a wave?

What are atomic particles made of?

Is space-time quantized – made up of specific pieces – or one continuous thing?

The answers received in writing via Higher Self Communication on 1-17-2001

“Well, you have quite a list! First and foremost, know that you are a being of light, and you are commended and congratulated at taking this evolutionary leap into the multitude of awareness and information you shall receive through Barbara, until you are absolutely positive that a higher non-physical intelligence exists – and then you shall ask her, “How do I do this so I can get this information for my research myself?”

So you too will come to learn that as space is one continuous, ever evolving, particle into matter, intelligence into chemical, one wave, continuously moving the sub-atomic particles into the next – it is always connected – and then it is absorbed. So you will see, in your own research, that a particle is contained within a wave – not acting like two separate things – but appearing as if they do – as the instruments have not yet been discovered to measure the particles so tiny – as sub-sub-sub particles – so they appear as if they are separate, however they truly are not.

Anytime a photon is radiated out into the atmosphere – it moves – that is the wave – it is moving what appears to be a particle is due to the absorption of this photon. And so this seeming particle is absorbed, it appears as if there is no wave – but there is – for the sub squared 3 particle of the photon is far too small to still measure within that wave – so it appears that there is no wave – when in actuality – there really is – so do not ever simply judge by appearances. Einstein certainly did not – he “knew” that there was more than meets the eye – so you will come to learn perhaps even research and disseminate one day that if you take the word “string and replace it with the word “wave” what in actuality is going to be discovered is the “wave theory” not the string theory.

Now – this wave theory will come to show that all matter, all particles are connected. Yes, some absorbed, some appearing as though they are separate – however they do cause a reaction. Each wave – whether it is sent out by thought, light, electricity, radiation – atomic energy – is all causing a wave. That wave continues until it is absorbed – until its absorption serves its purpose of this wave.

Now this purpose may be bringing plant life their nutrition. It may be a thought or a true wish for something – like a library in one’s home – it is pictured mentally – this mental picture – this intention – causes its own wave, until it reaches, interacts, connects, and ultimately manifests what that wave was seeking – as a result of the intention, which was sent out as the original starting point of that wave.

So until each eave fulfills its designated purpose, it continues to interact and connect with other particles and waves. Once its purpose, its primary intended purpose is achieved – it is met with what will come to be known as the “absorption factor.”

Each wave is absorbed – when its original purpose is met. It is absorbed into matter. Some matter has a higher frequency of energy – and so at such a high frequency – it appears to simply disappear – but it does not disappear – it either connects and interacts, or it is absorbed into matter of some form.

Sometimes, as I have said, the form is of such high frequency, that your science has not yet discovered the instruments or even the theories to produce measuring data at this high frequency – for it exists in another dimension – the non-physical dimension – which begins in the fourth dimension and works its way up to the 11th dimension.

Now, as a scientist, how exactly do you suppose you are going to be able to measure a sub squared 3 particle of a photon in the non-physical dimension – on the physical third dimension of earth? You cannot – yet – there will be souls – who grow, who evolve – who will actually be able to simultaneously work on both the third and fourth dimension of, or rather between the physical and non-physical “worlds” so as to help speed up the evolution of the human species.

Now, you asked about the next higher level of intelligent life – it is in the 4th dimension – in this non-physical dimension – where life – where learning – where evolution continues, but not attached to the material realm. Here in the 4th dimension pure intention creates our reality – our “heaven” or our “hell.” Our intentions have consequences – both positive and negative. That is why you are still on the 3rd dimension – to see that as you think – so you shall have – when you think love – you have joy – when you think fear – you have pain – so you are learning – in each lifetime – how to create via your intentions and so when you graduate so to speak – you will no longer need a body – with aches and pains, or a car, you will travel through and with your intention.

Now you gave this name “extraterrestrial life.” There is much life, in each dimension of this universe. We – your higher selves – do communicate with you – all of the time – every instant – we do not look like aliens, we are pure spirit – pure soul energy, which can be read and recognized within the light spectrum of color. So just as you have a face – we have light and color – and that is our face. Sometimes we contemplate fear – so our colors change – sometimes we are filled with joyful energy – so our colors have much more white – just as some have a “bad hair day” or their face “glows” our energy is read much the same way – just no body – no tired feet – it’s not that it’s “better” it’s just that this was the next step up the evolutionary scale. Who needs a body and a car when we can travel with pure thought – think about it – travel with pure thought. So if you want to see how it feels up here – then do grow – do evolve – for Barbara is headed for this dimension after this life – and if you would like to join her – try listening to her more.

Sorry – but you are so connected and you truly can learn much – that is your choice Al. You choose your reality – your existence – your car – how, when, where and with whom you travel. So up here – there are no gas lines – no currency – the currency is in the form of an energy exchange. Positive begets positive. Same for negative.

Now – obviously space-time – as you call it is quantized – but within this quantum leap of theory – there are pieces – particles – as we have shared with you. It is all one continuous stream – wave – of light – energy, moving, connecting, absorbing – and being created.

So in answer to your question – it is both – one within the other.

Sub atomic particles are made up of the molecular derivatives of radioactive energy – which are split three times, and it is the energy contained within those particles that cause the atomic – or sub-atomic reaction. The energy is absorbed within the sub-atomic particle – again the wave theory in motion so as it is absorbed – you cannot yet measure it.

All energy is active – always – it does not stop – it either connects with another energy, or it moves until it either connects or is absorbed. It may be contacted by a different energy, which causes a whole new set of chain reactions, and this all kinds of “new waves” are produced.

That is why atomic energy which moves reacts at such high speed and frequency. Its sub atomic particles are contacted by the molecular derivatives of other energy components which are absorbed – into the sub-atomic particles – until they react as a result of this energy contact – and then you have atomic energy – which causes a whole new set of chain reactions – and so it goes on forever – until it is absorbed – and once it is absorbed – as we have said – it remains – still moving – but moving within this absorption – until it is contacted by another energy particle – or simply by another energy of an extremely high frequency – which causes a whole new wave to start all over again – in new directions each time – as each time one energy absorbs another – its energy has to be accounted for when a new wave is created as a result of being contacted by a different energy.

Do you understand? Good.”

© Copyright 2001, 2007, 2014 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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Barbara’s Mission


By Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose

I have a mission to see every person who is crying have their tears transformed into a smile within minutes.

I believe based on suicides that were deterred as a result of receiving the higher perspective from God/Higher Consciousness that more people will have a new lease on life just as I did.

I care that the suffering of the human condition transforms into new ideas, direction, higher guidance, clarity as new hope arises so that suffering is no more.

I have a mission to spread the pure process of Higher Consciousness Awakening – receiving answers from God – to every culture on earth.

My mission is not about me, it is about uplifting all of humanity, not only now but for every generation long after I am gone.

To witness the depths of despair completely transform within minutes both in my own life and in the lives of countless thousands of people from all over the world shows that this mission is direly needed for the entire human race.

I desire with all of my heart, and will carry forward until my last breath, to bring this process to all who feel stuck in worry, fear, grief, despair, and feel they have nothing left to live for that they experience awakening and their sorrow is no more as a result of this process.


I know humanity is crying. Maybe you cry at times, too. With this process of receiving higher answers utilizing your sixth sense, you will have an awakened consciousness that uplifts swiftly, so that your tears, worry and fears are instantaneously transformed.

I believe that the cures for diseases are revealed to each person researching for a cure.

I know that it is time for humanity to fully awaken and experience true joy.

This process of receiving higher answers requires no special ability. It is already built into every single human being within the sixth sense.

My mission is to make this process available to all on earth. Can you imagine internal discord transformed within minutes? Can you imagine the rippling effect of every person experiencing new inner peace where inner turmoil previously prevailed? THIS PROCESS WILL TRANSFORM THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE.

If you care about yourself and your loved ones I ask that you help me to spread this mission across the globe reaching billions of people in any and every technology, language, media, collaboration, and exposure available to us all.

I cannot do this alone. Interview me about this process. Allow me to train your organization, group, listeners and viewers about this simple process that once awakened, it is like riding a bicycle, your higher consciousness is eternally awakened and you will ALWAYS receive higher answers about any concern weighing on your heart and mind.

CONTACT ME so that together we can awaken and transform the entire human race, eradicate human suffering and despair, and experience the profound joy of the real difference this pure process makes.

VIEW the authentic letters people across the globe have shared from the bottom of their hearts about this process and how it transformed their life.

My mission comes from God and YOU are reading this not by chance, but by divine synchronicity, so that together we can move into ACTION and witness the results as humanity’s cry is finally answered.

I hope you will share in this mission with me. Please contact me to let me know how we can collaborate to uplift the masses. Time is of the essence. There are lives that will be saved. As a result of awakening the spiritual consciousness of humanity lives WILL be saved. YOU will make a profound difference..

Thank you for caring, reaching out and sharing. It not only means the world, it will transform the human race.

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Awaken Your Higher Consciousness to Transform Your Life


Whether you are trying to figure out the best way to solve a problem or how to bring through a new book, there is no process in this universe that will work better, faster, more purely and completely than utilizing your own sixth sense to fully awaken your own Higher Consciousness.

This process is already built in to every single human being alive. It cost nothing and yields much more than you or I can ever fathom.

  • You receive information that you could have never known from the limited intellectual level, including advance information that you may not have ever realized you need.
  • Any relationship issues you have are transformed within minutes when you receive the Higher perspective that is your birthright.
  • You are fully guided from within in the now moment at all times to catapult yourself and your life in the most positive direction.
  • Crucial information about another person in your life flows into your mind – and it is always one hundred percent accurate.
  • The limitations we all have when trying to live our lives from the extremely limited five sensory level are transformed to unlimited guidance, answers, warnings to keep you out of danger, sudden brilliant ideas flow into your mind and the transformation process is astonishing.

There is so much more that having a fully awakened Higher Consciousness does for you that the list is as endless as our universe.

If you are spiritually inclined you can refer the Source of the guidance to God/Source/Higher Self/ Infinite Intelligence/All That Is/Creator/The Great Creative Process. Any name you feel most comfortable with can suffice.

The above is covered in great detail in the book If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!

If you are not spiritually inclined you can simply ask from within your heart for your sixth sense to awaken and for the guidance, answers and information you need to flow into your mind via your Higher Consciousness. This process is covered in great detail in the book Wisdom on the Other Side of Knowledge.

There is a plethora of information, questions and answers that exists in a virtual archive library from the

  • Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose has released this FOUR session deep intensive she recorded LIVE so YOU can learn EXACTLY HOW to receive EVERY ANSWER YOU NEED IMMEDIATELY for the rest of your life.

  • Any time you feel a lack of inner peace for more than ten minutes this pure process is a saving grace.
  • When you utilize all six senses (instead of being severely hampered utilizing only five senses) whenever you feel stuck, upset, or worry, you can immediately receive a whole new perspective about any matter weighing on your heart.
  • The higher perspective that is so vastly different from how you were previously viewing the situation, that you will be astounded at its truth and simplicity while it fully transforms the unpleasant feelings you were previously experiencing.
  • The difference is so profound, it has saved countless lives globally.
  • We are sure you will receive tremendous benefit from this.

    Each live recorded session has been greatly reduced to only $29 US to be of the most positive service to the masses. Be sure to follow the prompts upon check out as that is how you receive your downloads via fully secure Pay Pal. Enjoy these Higher Consciousness Awakening Sessions. This process will transform your life.
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