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  1. It’s a relief that I was able to come across borntoinspire.com: it has the information I was really hunting for. It’s quite valuable and you’re obviously quite knowledgeable in this field. Thanks to your wealth of information, I’ve learned a whole lot
    more about the topic and will be coming back for more.


  2. For some reason it’s easier to share when the worst times are behind you, especially for me. I literally went through hell for well over two years. Bleeding 21 days out of 30 each month led to my not being able to work in 2010 which led to me living in my CAR for ten months! This was the worst experience. Nearly dying twice in the south FL summer when it was 133 degrees in my car.
    I then found shelter renting a room in a house “in the hood” (Was up!) and the Hood was attached to a Mexican trailer park – no offense to anyone but this has been one experience I never want to go through. Yet, it further opened my eyes and heart to the “masses” – the people (and I was definitely one of them) who were struggling to survive. Thus the release of the book “Tempted by Death.”
    Life showed me how desperately people need help but cannot afford it. So as a result you are going to see NEW group Intensives global via phone that are priced at $15 US per session and $19 US per session. Are they worth more? Yes, absolutely. But God gave me a saying, “How can you serve the masses if the masses cannot afford what you serve?” Wow. That was and is really powerful for me.
    Then I had a slip, slam and fall. Broke my spine in two places. Ouch! It was no fun listening to Mexican music in too much pain to make a difference. I had to heal. Thank God that period is behind me completely (no pun intended.)

    Now, happily on the work, labor of love work, I’m releasing my newest book “Soul Mates Courtship with Destiny”. If you ever wanted a complete book on soul mate relationships this is the one I truly love the most in the relationship category. It’s being released on Valentines Day 02/14/2013. If some of you would like to read the galley of this book to review it on Amazon, then Barnes & Noble, an honest review (good or bad) will really help readers know if this is the book they are looking for. I’m going to give TEN people this galley copy in PDF format to review. I know soul mates is a huge area of interest on this site so I hope with all of my heart that this book really brings you things no other book on this subject does. I honestly believe it will.

    I “know” for many of us this new year will bring great relief and an upswing in life’s circumstances. I’m deeply grateful to all of you for your love, support and for reaching out. I’m out of hell and am excited to interact with all to make a difference. It’s not easy showing the world when you’re going through so much, it’s extremely humbling, but I think as a “spiritual teacher” it’s important to show the hard times to give hope to millions of others who may have it much worse.

    I’m happy to be “back to Barbara” reaching out feels so much better than suffering. But if you ARE suffering I can promise you that it WILL be behind you – just ride it through!

    Sending you all the love from my heart,


    • Dear Dr.Barbara….I already know that you are “back” and “better than ever” doing what you do best …which is helping others transform their lives….I know this because that is exactly what you are helping me do …through private sessions with you…and “you” and “they” are amazing!!.. so…Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all that you do to help uplift humanity….and I know that one day with the help I am receiving from you …that I will do the same.

      Regarding the topic of soul mates and your newest book….Soul Mates Courtship with Destiny…I wanted to let you know that this topic is very NEAR and DEAR to my heart……I would LOVE to be one of the ten selected to read the galley of this book in PDF and offer an honest review….I own at least 10 books on this topic….and I can’t wait to read what “God” brought through you on this topic….I already know it will be amazing!!…and….. for it to come out on Valentines Day….How Does it get any better than that?

      I know I will talk to you soon…and I very much Iook forward to participating in the group intensives….With much love……Trudy


      • Hi Trudy,
        You are so dear and I honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart.
        Yes, absolutely you are now one of the ten people who I will send this book to in PDF format.
        I pray you love it as much as your other books on the topic.
        My sessions with you have all been and are amazing. You are soaring and this brings me the greatest joy!

        With much love and gratitude,


  3. I see you healed soon Barbara. I never heard of you before 2 days ago. I read your book today “Being Enough Now” and I couldn’t leave my seat until I finished it. It has really inspired me and I know it was hand picked by God for me. It’s exactly the answer I had been asking for. As I read it, I knew God wrote that book. I have bookmarked your site and I sent you something towards your surgery. I know you are gonna be healed soon Barbara cause it’s obvious that people here on this planet need your awesome gifts of inspiration.


    • Dearest Michael,

      I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your donation and for your letting me know that the book Being Enough NOW really made a difference for you!
      Ironically, I have not yet announced that the original journals that I brought through all of my books are being uploaded for sale to cover my surgery and expenses.
      I know God wrote that book and every other one I “brought through.” I’m not that great of a writer – Mom used to say I go on and on – and she was right. But God always hits the nail on the head and knowing you were truly helped is priceless to me. It gives me the strength to keep going no matter what.
      I send you much gratitude and many blessings!

      From my heart,


  4. I just entered an official plea for help. It turns out that a client of mine who is now a friend had the identical NOVA SURE procedure for the identical reason and she said it changed and saved her life. I know it’s been a while since I posted — I hope now you really see and understand why. I’m still bleeding! I love you all!!!


  5. Praying for you dearest Barbara ❤ ❤ <3. Sending love ❤ and positive energy to help you recover. ((( ))) God has a reason for everything, and I know that you will take this experience and turn it around and use it for something GOOD that will help others. Just as your situation with your custody battle was used to propel you to change the lives of others. It is usually THROUGH your suffering that you learn the deepest lessons. I believe that this is happening in your life for a reason. I believe your pain will transform into messages of HOPE for others who are facing similar circumstances. Thank you for keeping us posted. I have been concerned about you. ((( ))) Love, Heather


  6. I Feel Like I’m Dying

    My new book “TEMPTED BY DEATH” is being released in six weeks. It shares it ALL including the amazing spiritual communication that had the most positive impact..

    I have literally 20,000 hours of work to catch up on, so please understand if I can’t reply to all posts as much as I want to.

    I’m “alive” breathing, and send you all the love in my heart.
    ❤ Barbara


    • Dear Barbara
      I have literally spent most of today reading on this website and of course my heart and my thoughts went out to you today when I had read replies to you from others that were concerned for your well being. I just came back to the website now to try and re read some inspirational information I had found earlier today and was amazed to see this response from you that may indicate you are online now..which is why I am contacting you now… to let you know that I too am very concerned about your well being and offer you my love and support for what you just went through and are going through.
      Is there anything I can do to help you at this time? I see others have offered and have sent monetary gifts and I too would like to offer this if this would be helpful to you but I would need you to let me know how to do that so you would receive it…Please reply to my email and let me know…As well ..If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know…even if you need a sympathetic ear to listen or share experiences re menopause I could do that as I too have had issues surrounding this and would love to chat with you if that would be helpful.
      I am sending to you now heart=love energy as I type this and I will continue to send it out to you in my thoughts and prayers when I retire for the evening. I can send you Reiki too if you give me permission to do that.

      I am very thankful and grateful that you are “alive’ breathing and send you all the love in my heart too<3!!

      Please take care Barbara …you are so loved… and so needed.. in this world…….Trudy (Manitoba Canada).


      • PS: This is my first time back on line. Thank you so very much, Trudy, your help can make a huge difference. I’m too weak to reply to all as I dearly want to. I’m ‘alive’ as in breathing. Experienced a ‘near-death’ that is detailed in my next just completed book being released on July 27, 2011. Your help-love offering can be sent via FULLY SECURE Pay Pal and will be received with deep gratitude. Thank You for making a difference!


  7. Hi Special Ones, I’ll be sending a good number of private emails, and posting in Higher Self Communication Yahoo Group – I’ve been off line & out of town, but you have no idea how much of a difference each of you has made.
    Bottom line: “Menopause stinks!” Complete hysterectomy cost a gazallion dollars, DNC (or however it’s spelled) cost $3,000.00 – which I would LOVE to have to get this miserable phase over with.

    The hormone “Provera” is what I’m now on, and it completely stops the bleeding, I have zero side effects from it, but the only prob is that as soon as I go off (which I did per Dr. instructions) two days later the bleeding started all over again!

    There is NO WAY I would allow another OBGYN to cut me open. I’ve had the same incredible Dr. for the past 22 years – anestesia (spell) cost close to a thousand dollars!
    I’m now getting energy back – I hate triple hate not having energy. I have a world of things I’m thrilled about announcing.

    But most importantly is now much I appreciate each of you, and your care means the world to me!
    I’m sending individual emails from me personally, NOT to all of my subscribers, so you will want to open it because it will have something really special for all who donated – watch, see what I’m giving in return from my heart – I’m positive you’ll be happy!

    OMG it’s 4:10 AM – I’ve got to get rest.

    Please know YOU make a real difference. I can’t thank you enough!

    Al my love,


  8. Dear Barbara, I’m so releaved & happy to hear from you. I was truly worried when I hadn’t heard from you for such a long time. I was sorry to hear that you were so very sick & the moment I found out, I sent you prayers & healing. Since I do Reiki & Reconnective Healing, I used that energy to send you speedy healing and I KNEW that you’ll recover to continue your wonderful work. You are the best!
    I’m very, very happy to know that you are already beginning to recover. I’m sending a small donation which I hope will help you. My very best wishes for this year of 2011. May this be a year full of miracles for you!

    With very warm wishes


  9. I just wanted to add to what all of the other amazing souls have written before my post. I know that you will find a way out of this situation.

    Yes, it is time to go within and look at what has created this condition.

    Yes, it is time to check out the programs available in your area for medical treatment based on your ability to pay. (I know this from personal experience here in Arizona. I’ve had the hospital write off my emergency room bills twice now due to my low income and amount of debt and monthly living expenses.)

    And, I absolutely agree that you have too much to contribute still to humanity for your passing to come at this time. I, too, have added my prayers and distance energy healing work to all of the others.

    Bless you Barbara for the healing and unconditional love that you have given so freely to other. Obviously, you have not been forgotten nor will “we” allow you to be alone at this moment of need.

    Please rest and follow the advice to get more iron rich food into your diet at this time and continue to ask for help. We ARE here for you as you have been for us. Thank you for asking for our help. It is truly an honor and a blessing to be of service to you!

    Love, light and blessings to you.



  10. Barbara,

    I know that you will opt for surgery, but before you go under the knife, visit an Acupuncturist and get a Chinese Herbal Formula with Rehmannia as one of the ingredients. There will be one that is perfect for you to stop or at least reduce the bleeding. I have used these formulas for decades with excellent results and it costs much less than surgical procedures.

    […] I know that you will be able to continue to do the work that means so much to all of us soon.

    Love and Blessings,


  11. Hi Dear Ones, You are LIFE SAVERS! I cherish you beyond words. I posted a gift for all at this link https://borntoinspire.com/2010/12/31/new-year-gift/
    which I pray you can use for yourself and/or send anyone you care about the link to the page for secure download. I feel one grain above EXHAUSTED!
    So I use that grain to send to all of you.
    I wish us ALL a FAR BETTER 2011 than this previous year. I dearly look forward to being back to “full steam ahead Barbara” – I feel happiest when I’m giving out.
    With all my love and appreciation more than words can describe,


  12. Dear Barbara,

    So glad the hormones are stopping the bleeding. After menopause, the
    fibroids will naturally shrink. I don’t have medical insurance so I
    hooked up with Colorado’s Indigent Program. I did some research on
    Florida. It has county indigent programs and also something called
    “The Medically Needy Program”, where you would pay what you can.
    Check out http://www.fl-counties.com
    Hope you feel better soon, dear.


  13. Dear Barbara, sending healing your way now – many who have written you are right, you cannot be turned away from a hospital due to lack of funds – please have someone investigate this for you. As you know, the energies are now moving swiftly and creating great changes – I would ask you as someone mentioned, where are the changes you are desiring to make within and without – see this situation as an opportunity for a major shift – bless you and and hold the light in your heart.

    Dr. Tricia Working


  14. To Each of You Dear Souls,
    I thank you w/ all my heart. I’m way too weak to give a proper post & esp a personal thank you. the bleeding stopped Dr. gave hormones. Still waiting for results of biopsy I have every faith it will come back in perfect health.
    each of you is so dear, I am placing each of you who have donated to help me on a Very Incredible Person list so when I get better, I truly believe i will, and i hold a major intensive that i’ve had all planned out already in advance, you can be my personal guest at no charge for the full intensive. you will receive a personal invitation from me. It may be a couple of months, as much as I wish I could put out all I have prepared, the universe has a timing all its own.
    It is because of your donation that I was able to pay the lab for my blood & biopsy. One of the major “headlines” in HEADLINE TIMES will take on this issue of humanitarian health care for ALL in the United States.
    I send you my sincerest gratitude & would love to have the energy to share more personal reply, as soon as I’m better, stronger, I will. I love you and thank you with more appreciation than I can describe.

    from my heart,


  15. Dear Barbara,
    I have a friend, Dr. Long who is curing women of malignant tumors without surgery in Mexico. She injects a Lecheyna Meera (herbal lichen) solution through the wall of the stomach with a hypodermic needle and it disolves the tumor. It does not require surgery and is virtually painless. She is not allowed to do this in the US but she has healed many women. If you are interested, I will see if I can obtain more details for you.
    Blessings, dear one in your hour of need.
    Suzy Star


  16. Hello Barbara,

    It’s me Rita, I am truly sorry that you have been going through such a scary time. My prayers are with you Barbara, I am sending you healing light as I send these words to you, I have asked the healing angels to surround you, to embrace you, and to bring to you everything you need to be healed. I love you Barbara, will be here for you, waiting to hear from you. In Love and Light, your friend, Rita 🙂


    • Dearest Rita,
      THANK YOU with All of my heart for your love, care, prayers, healing light and ANGELS!
      You are a really special person. (I’m just very strongly “getting” (& I never normally share something like this in a reply post) for you to sign up for this final “How to Bring Through & Publish Your Own Book Intensive” with the Hardship option, so money is NEVER an issue. You can pay $1 dollar or ten cents! You have a very pure heart and I want , at the very least, for you to t know what to do, because this can make so much of a difference in your life.)

      I actually had someone register from the UK with one penny. All I felt was his sarcastic energy. But I did send him the four recordings covering five hours of deep intensive training, it’s NOT the “penny” – I’ve given people globally more completely FREE services than paid – but I always felt their HEART – as I do yours.
      Author Training Program

      Thank you so much for your care. “Such a scary time” was what I greatly needed to FINALLY LEARN AND INTEGRATE what I was never taught before.
      I know 90% of it all is behind me. I have deep faith, God trained me well to “Move into Trust” and every time I do – I am given even more reason to trust!

      I send you tons of love and hope to be able to speak with you live.

      From my heart,


  17. Barbara,
    I will post a prayer request to my prayer team partners.
    I am one who follows natural, alternative therapies however,
    sometimes it is necessary to get orthodox medical care.
    This sounds like an emergency if your weak from bleeding I urge you to call an ambulance and get to an emergency room.
    Insurance is not needed. By law they cannot turn you away from a county or state hospital. God works through the medical community also. As a nurse I’ve aware of miracles in hospitals, nursing homes and hospice. We ask for healing and then take our hands off of it so God can work in his way, not ours. Peace be unto you!


  18. Dear Barbara, In my searching for understanding, having lost my wife to breast cancer, I came across your spirituality and inspiration. I can’t say that I understood everything and where you were coming from but I could feel that you cared for those around and that would reach out to you. I too believe that there is much more ahead of you in that you are needed by many in the world. I send this note to you to say that inside myself I pray for your healing and am sending a small token toward your need of an operation. Love to sister, brother Allyn


  19. Dear Barbara,

    I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. I will do what I can to help you and also forward this to some people that might also be able to help with payment of your surgery. I am sending prayers to you with healing light and energies.
    You give so much to so many people. I know the many will come to help you as well.
    Love to you dear soul.
    Amanda Hayley


    • AMANDA!!! Hi! It’s so great to see your name and message.
      You really stood out as such a pure soul and still do.
      I’m doing a very special “sponsor” cross promotion that I know will send a lot of people your way.
      If you get my newsletter, you will see it there. You will soon see it on my home page.
      You’re a beautiful person inside and out. THANK YOU for your loving care!!

      All my love,


  20. Dear Barbara,

    Sending you love, peace and healing. Thank you for reaching out and letting other people help you. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.



  21. Dearest Barbara, I am sorry to hear that you are ill. I will also send you love, light and healing energy to you every day. I make cd’s so the users can make healing water. I will send you a mp3 file some you can make your own healing water at home, i have some pictures on my website that shows you how to make it. I help people here with the Kovacsik Metod, from Brazil, where the method comes from, they say that they can eliminate cancer in 30 days because they eliminate the virus that feed the cancer cells, I also have the similar experience here in Denmark and you are more than welcome to get help here and the treatments will be at no cost for you.

    Here is the website for the method http://www.aemk.com.br/

    I will start the healing right away

    All my love Torben


  22. My prayers are with you Barbara, you are a sweet earth angel…and we are all behind you if you will..we are here to help you to bring more love into your beingness…to love yourself as much as you love everyone who is on the earth plane..as you have helped so many find their path, their healing, their way…we are here to help you dear one. It is your time to rest…as we have said before to rest as much as you can…and allow everyone to support you. You are a blessing dear one…and we are here to assist you. With great love and joy we are saying this to you…let go….dear one….let go…and heal…let the love that you are permeate your physical, your mental, and your emotional body…to heal all on the different levels…as you are moving thru your dark night of the soul if you will. You are blessed by so many…and you have blessed so many with your light…and shining presence. You are loved dear one!!! Namaste…and rest now dearest Barbara….

    Barbara…the above just flowed in…let go and let flow sweetie, again i am beaming you love, light…and prayers!! Big hugs


  23. Dear Barbara,
    If you truly know me, then you know I have given to you and all freely, as I pleaded for assistance, yet for 5 more horrid years not one would open a door for me or allow for my existence. I would more than love to help you in this God-awful world of suffering, if I had been allowed.
    Only just today I wrote and send inquiry about you, as I worried at your silence.
    PLEASE KNOW that when there is something DIFFERENT, PAY ATTENTION! People watched as my father died without my care. They continued on their singular missions as all my people’s lives, health, livelihoods and very lifepaths have been all but destroyed, detoured to valleys of death undeserved… as all the world had to STOP & LISTEN, some long time back.

    Neither did I have insurance when I had my stroke last spring. I had to be dragged in to sign up for a state program before I would bother to then be rushed to hospital for my surgery to try to reopen the clogged artery to my brain, representing the clogged channels of communication I am denied. Nobody cared.

    By October’s end my best friend in all the world, the dog God send to act as the only living thing on this planet who would play ball with me, died suddenly. A horrid bleeding out of an infected uterus by the name Pyrometra “running puss”. As a woman spotting between periods, I wondered what to do. I had no money, nor credit, only debts. She kept playing ball anyway. Suddenly on the 4th day, when it became suddenly as you might describe “bleeding to death” she did. There was no one to help me lift her to the car. There was no one anywhere at all.

    So kiddo, to hell with insurance. Just make sure you really HAVE fibroid tumors. I was once told that, when I had an eptopic pregnancy and that asshole left me to die too! I called up my old friends at Planned Parenthood and was referred and seen and had emergency surgery that night, or else I too would have bled to death.

    GO NOW! And Barbara? Don’t let anyone take your ovaries as their automatic procedure. You need them! They should NEVER be taken unless truly diseased. GOT THAT? IT IS YOUR BODY! IT IS THE TEMPLE OF YOU, THE SOUL WHOM TO I SPEAK. STAND UP FOR IT! You have my wholehearted permission to be a B word, as in case you too have never bothered to notice, DOG is GOD spelled backwards and is a woman’s BEST FRIEND!


  24. I ached for you when I read your email alert. It is sad, but also deeply moving when an angel such as yourself faces such a challenge after devoting yourself to helping and inspiring others as you’ve done. On one level, I am angry for you, angry that the United States is the one supposedly advanced nation without access for all its citizens to universal health care, as I am without health insurance as well. But both you and others have taught that anger does not help. So I am picturing you, surrounded by a healing universe, and angels devotedly at your side touching you with deep, deep waves of comfort and love. I hope and pray you have friends and loved ones around to help you as well, as facing serious challenges in these physical bodies without tangible companionship is something that none of us deserves to confront without the comfort of a hand to hold through such a journey. No matter what, you will be blessed on this journey, and you are never, ever alone.


  25. As soon as I finished reading your plea for help, I started sending you Distant Reiki, Reconnective Healing, and several other powerful energy healing modalties that come through me. The energy that came through my hands was intense. I sent it to you from 9:20 P.M. until 10:00 P.M. on this day – 12/29/10. I prayed for your pain and bleeding to lesson. I prayed that you find the correct surgeon immediately to do the surgery. I called to Father/Mother God and all the Beings of the highest light and vibration to work on you and to do what they know you need.

    If I understand this correctly, you can go to any hospital emergency room (even without insurance coverage)and they can’t refuse to see you. I believe that is a law.

    When you feel stronger, and you will, please let me know how you are coming along.

    Warm Hugs and Blessings – Ronnie Mandell, RMT, R.H.P.


  26. Barbara, I’ve asked for 25 more Angels to be with you permanently. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please surrender this to The Creator and allow the Universe to provide assistance and a solution for you. An affirmation for you from Louise Hays book Heal your Body A-Z: ” I rejoice in my femaleness. I love being a woman. I love my body.” It appears that what you are describing here is what you have deemed as a medical emergency. Perhaps going to a charity hospital in your area through the emergency room and working out a payment arrangement for your care might be something to consider.


  27. Sending you prayers and best wishes for a complete healing. Was only 29 when I went through the same thing. Recommend you get second opinion and find a Catholic hospital that will work with you. I know it was hard to ask for help but when you do is when your healing will happen. You know that you can be healed and we all agree with you.

    Bless you with healing thoughts for 2011,


  28. Hi Barbara, I know you will get the care you need. As soon as I’m able to I will contribute. I do know that if you call 911 or go to the emergency room from “passing out” or just an emergency state, they HAVE TO take care of you and give you the care you need. My grandmother was visiting here in the US from Haiti, not a citizen and not a resident. She was ill one day and we went to the emergency room and they ended up admitting her and finding out she had cancer, they then operatated and she was in the hospital for weeks….We never had a to pay a penny for it because we couldn’t afford it. There is emergency medicaid and the hospital HAS to give you the care you need even if it’s surgery. This was in New York and I know in Florida it’s the same too so you can try that in the meantime…..Sending you lots of healing light and Reiki energy to help heal you and make you strong enough to go through this…YOU WILL MAKE IT TRHOUGH THIS BARBARA!!!!!


  29. Dear Barbara
    will pray for you.
    but if you can i have had that problem did not have hystrorectoy
    they went into the vein in my leg and tied off the blood vessels
    leading to the tumor and it work. try that first
    much love and Blessing Jaki


  30. Dear Barbara, it’s been a long time since we have “connected” but I feel a strong desire to share with you that certainly you are NOT bleeding to death. If your doctor told you that switch doctors, if your thoughts alone are building your fear you really need to be better I informed.

    I lived for years tolerating the pain and bleeding before finally agreeing to have a hysterectomy. My delay was the fear of the inevitable weight gain. The bleeding of large clots and pain was unimaginable. Die? No… That is just silly thinking. You could need iron if there is a lot of blood loss. Try foods high in iron

    As far as finances if your doctor thought you were bleeding to death as you describe than to protect his/ her own license would do something about it with urgency.

    Please accept my response and- I wish you”well”.


  31. Dear Barbara,
    Please email a contact number, or call me. Again, your private session number
    I had is not good anymore. I’d like to help you further, I have been through this. You are anemic from the blood loss which makes your hematacrit, the cells carrying oxygen throughout your body none existent. That is the weakness you feel.
    There is affordable treatment you can get now without insurance, to help you before a major surgery. Be sure you are taking B vitimins and protein, two things
    your body needs to produce red blood cells which you are loosing in the bleeding.
    Your body needs both to make new red blood cells. If you do nothing else, use ICE
    on your abdomin. It will clot the tumors and slow the bleeding if you lay in bed with your feet up. This was effective in my treatment.
    I hope you will get in touch with me so I can help you.
    Love & Blessings,


  32. thank you with all of my heart for your kindness and CARE! I appreciate it more than I can say in words. I feel very weak – I wish I had the strength to reply to you more personally. I pray you understand and THANK YOU over and over again for your loving care. You are all very dear. We need many more people like you!

    All my love,


  33. Dearest Barbara,
    Sending you bucketloads of love and healing energy. Also energy for endurance for the pain (surrendering to it) and opening to the deeper, original links/causes, and celebrating the strength you have to face and feel it now where you weren’t ready before. I wish for you that if this is your exit strategy, that it is inspiring for you, as you are inspiring for others; and if it is a means of waking up further whilst still incarnate this time around, that you ‘get’ what you’re trying to get yourself to understand soon so that you may move all the quicker through it.
    With much love and regular buckets of love every time I’m triggered to think about you,
    Bless you,


  34. Darling Barbara-my prayers and distant healing waves of love are flowing towards you.I know what you are going through–surrender to the Divine Healer — miracles happen when we let go and let God.That is how I came through.


  35. Dear Barbara,

    I read your plea with great dismay. I’m so sorry you are suffering in this way, and are in this financial/insurance plight.

    However, I do have to tell you that you may actually be in a better plight than someone with minimal health insurance and good assets.

    There ARE ways to get medical care in your dire situation, Barbara. A few years ago, a very dear friend of mine, Bob, was in a similar plight. He, too, thought he could raise enough money from donations to get care for his cancer. Of course, even if every person you knew gave $100, it wouldn’t even be CLOSE to enough.

    Fortunately, he was somehow able to get the care he needed. And, I might add, it was at a top-notch hospital. ALthough not for lack of timely, high-quality care, he unfortunately lost his battle with cancer, so I can’t ask him how he got funded for his care.

    There IS help out there, for people in your situation. Unfortunately, you have to “dig” for it. My hope is that someone among your many, many friends will be able to do this and be able to help you solve this dilemma.

    Well, I look forward to hearing some good news in the coming days, Barbara. I am SURE that there IS an answer to your plight. It’s just a matter of finding it.




  36. Dear Barbra Rose,
    I am sorry for what you’re going through. I have a gift for you, if you like and a suggestion.(These are not to replace your medical doctor.) Here’s the gift: I’m a Reiki Master and would be happy to give you a long distance Attuntment, I’ve been told the Attunement can help with healing and it will give you the ability to help to heal yourself. You could just lay with your hands where ever the problem is. The suggestion: this is free and will only take a couple of minutes: google The Distant Healing Network (the_DHN.com), you can fill out an application on line and will be given at least four healers to support you for a week. At the end of the week, you can re-apply.I’m not sure if I’ll be able to send any money, as my son’s need my help, but will if I can.
    Thanks for your time,
    Zena Briggs


  37. Dear Barbara,
    I went through a similar situation in the 90’s, there are several
    things you can do to reduce the bleeding from the fibriod tumors
    prior to surgery. You need to have a trusted gyn surgeon that will
    work with you on your treatment. I would like to talk to you and share
    these with you. The numbers I have from prior private sessions
    for you are not current.

    Please email me privately so I can reach you.
    Love & Blessings,


  38. Dearest Beautiful (((((( Barbara ))))) I just KNEW that something was going on with you! I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering. 😦 I will do what I can to help you in your time of need. I am sending LOVE, HEALING thoughts and prayers your way, and a little something that will help cover some of your expenses. I love you, value and cherish you and am holding you up in my heart, spirit, and prayers! Praying for MIRACLES TO FLOW YOUR WAY!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Love, Heather Paige (Heather Flower)


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