Barbara’s Keynotes & Tours


Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose reaches the core of her audiences bringing them through a deep transformation process that is called “Life Changing” by countless people globally. She custom creates each event for her audiences so her messages hit home, create massive A-HA! Moments, from laughter to tears, joy and pure life transformation.


Personal Growth Topics

  • The Keys to Supreme Confidence and High Self Esteem
  • Finding the Light When You Can’t See a Reason to Live
  • The Rush to Spend – How to Save Your Life Before Your Ego Destroys It
  • Your Individual Power – How to Re-Build Your Life After You’ve Hit Bottom
  • The World’s BEST Parenting Techniques to Raise Role Model Children & Teens

Relationship Topics

  • Transform from the String Along to THE ONE in Your Romantic Relationship
  • Soul Mate Answers – The Depth, Purpose and Dynamics of Your Relationship
  • How to Spot Relationship Abuse and What to Do About It
  • How You Attract Your True Match

Spiritual Growth/Higher Consciousness Awakening Topics

  • THE Way to Inner Peace
  • Advanced Spiritual Awakening for Life Transformation Weekend Intensive
  • How to Know When You are Guided by God from Within Can Save Your Life
  • How to Receive Direct Answers from God/Source When You Feel a Lack of Inner Peace

Read what people from across the globe share about Dr. Rose’s work from the bottom of their hearts. All letters are pure and authentic.

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  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Toronto, Canada


  • New York City, New York
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Florida
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Chicago, Illinois
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