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Become a Globally Certified Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Specialist™

When you have the deepest desire to achieve the pinnacle of Spiritual Growth and Life Transformation so that you can professionally serve others in your own unique way, becoming a Globally Certified Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Specialist™ carries with it the deepest meaning and joy with astonishing results.

Dr. Barbara Rose can train you globally via phone to receive answers from God, Your Higher Self as you personally understand that name to be. Your sessions are entirely life transforming and you will utilize this identical process in Divine service to others.

Your ethics and integrity are paramount if you wish to be a pioneer in this field to lead others from the heart, as you help them fully awaken their own connection to the Highest Source of Love, Light and Truth in the Universe, God/Source/Creator/Higher Self, by the name you personally use.


Your training is as custom as your fingerprint.

As you BRING THROUGH information you could have never known on the intellectual level via your Higher Self you will know without a doubt that this work is for real, it transforms lives in as SHORT amount of time as possible.

Your sessions are completely confidential as Dr. Rose brings THROUGH all that you need, and does not recall what she brings through after your session.

The intensive is 26 weeks in duration, one session each week. Session duration is typically over two+ hours per session. Dr. Rose does NOT charge per hour. She is extremely generous with her time and will NOT watch the clock.

This is not in any way a cookie cutter program. Bringing through answers from God is far beyond earning 1,000 PhD’s. This process has saved countless lives across the globe and has deterred many suicides.

If it is something you have been searching for to bring your life’s mission out to help humanity in your own unique way application for this private intensive consists of a letter to Dr. Rose via the contact link below, stating why you wish to take this intensive and what you feel you will do with in-depth training once completed along with your initial tuition as outlined below.

Dr. Rose does NOT accept registration from everyone who asks for it. If your registration is not accepted you will be notified and will receive a FULL REFUND via PayPal within 24 hours.

Clients typically serve humanity with their own unique niche. For example one Certified Specialist may help victims of incest, while another may serve people with their self esteem, or their relationships. Some serve utilizing this process with additional gifts such as music, books, feature films, and the list is endless.

The tuition for this 26 week private intensive training is $425 US per session x 26 weeks. Registration and Tuition can be made in 2 half payments via the fully secure button below.

One thing is certain; you will be AMAZED at the level of transformation you experience during this 26 session journey. Dr. Rose serves with the highest of integrity, ethics, compassion, and the deepest care that you will feel during each session.


Click here to send your application letter to Dr. Rose after you have made your initial tuition deposit as outlined above.

The journey of becoming a Globally Certified Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Specialist™ is both deep and profound. THANK YOU for your desire to make a significant difference for yourself and for humanity.

Click on the fully secure payment button below to register via fully secure PayPal.

If your application IS approved you will receive a personal reply email within 24 hours welcoming you to this intensive and your initial payment will be applied towards your full intensive tuition which is non-refundable.

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Dr. Rose has provided private sessions to people from all walks of life, countries and cultures. Her service has helped Government Leaders, Ministers, Doctors, Celebrities, Lawyers, NASA Scientists, Sports Athletes, Rock Star Musicians, Feature Film and Television Talent, Teachers, Stay at home Parents, Priests, University Heads, World Leaders, Royalty, and more.

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Click here to View what people from across the globe share about this service from the bottom of their hearts. All letters are pure and authentic.

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Message from God for 2021 Through Barbara Rose PhD

Everything that blazes in majestic glory once had a season of darkness. The child in their mother’s womb. The seed that became a giant oak tree. The dawn that followed after a long night. Such is the case with YOU!

The times you are going through are serving a higher purpose – they are calling your attention to the exquisite beauty and genius, the creativity and brilliance that exists within you as your God-Self.

During this time you can begin anew. Almighty God/Source/Higher Self/Divine Intelligence will cause you to rise from the darkness. All you need to do is ask yourself what you truly want to experience in your life? What is your biggest dream?

Then one inspired moment at a time you will receive inner guidance to look up a certain person, or check something out online. You will have clear direction in the now moment as to exactly what you need to do to get you to exactly where you want to be. God takes care of all the details and connects you with all the resources you will need, yes, it WILL “just happen” as you walk into a store, or ring a certain person on the phone from the sudden inner nudges you experience that will lead you into glory.

God WANTS you to be prosperous! To shine as your grandest self. Let go of how it is all going to happen and come into agreement to allow you Higher Power to lead you in the direction you ultimately want to travel on.

Why are there dark times? So you can glean and experience the light as a result of those dark times. Without the darkness you couldn’t have experienced the light. This is not at all to be negative, however, some of your greatest strengths, and your greatest triumphs have come about as a result of overcoming a dark period in your life. Can you agree with this? If you can’t now you will soon enough.

Allow the Divine to work in your life. Keep being your best and please stop complaining because what you speak the universe repeats in your life’s experiences.

You have incredible gifts and talents that are dearly needed in this world. Perhaps you may even be starting to wonder if this is the time to bring them out? Yes, this is definitely the time, that is the reason for so much isolation! There is a light at the end of this pandemic, there is always a light after every darkness. If you can see yourself through my eyes you will come to know and realize that the dark times were vital to creating the brightest times.

Keep faith and follow the passion in your heart. If your can’t yet do it full time, just start where you are and do it part time until you CAN do it full time soon enough.

Trust there truly is a higher orchestration in the universe. You are part of this grand and wonderous orchestration. Your tears are not for naught. You will receive far more than your tears have shed. Perhaps your tears are the impetus of your incredible transformation and the transformation of millions of others. Yes, they definitely can be, and so can your passion and joy be the impetus of profound transformation for people all the world over.

Take this new year and fly with it from the bottom of your heart and soul. You will get to where you want to be, and I may add you will go even farther once you bring God into your life true miracles are created. It is God’s JOY to bring you miracles. So stop begging and start thanking in advance – it is then that you will see true miracles unfold in your life that even exceed your greatest dreams.

Trust, indeed, that everything really is getting better!

© Copyright 2020 Barbara Rose PhD All Rights Reserved. You may share this message by sharing the link to this page or using any of the social media buttons below.

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The Ten Love Agreements New Book by Barbara Rose PhD

Book Description:

From the dawn of humanity to now both men and women have sought to have lasting loving relationships, lasting and loving sense of self and the wisdom to create relationship success from the inside out.

Barbara Rose PhD brought through the answers in this practical yet deep guide of awareness resulting in The Ten Love Agreements that take romantic love relationships to a whole new level with practical steps and guidance direly needed.

If you have been searching for true answers this pivotal book delivers them from the heart so both you and your love relationship can soar!

ISBN-13: 978-0-9908138-4-2
ISBN-10: 0-9908138-4-3

Published by The Rose Group

Pub Date: June 1, 2021

© Copyright 2021 by Barbara Rose PhD All Rights Reserved.

Click Here to Pre-Order Your Kindle Edition on

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Discovering Your Life Purpose – God Gives AnswersThrough Barbara Rose PhD

When you ask, “What should I do?” with respect to your choices in your life’s direction, and life purpose, the answer is always going to be what you truly prefer deep in your heart.

I must give you a real-life example from my own life to better help you understand this.

When I was approaching my forty fifth birthday, my ego had a rough time about ageing. I did a writing to God, and was given the higher perspective about ageing, which completely transformed my view about any age I will be in this lifetime.

As a result, I got excited and inspired to write a book about the topic. I asked from my heart for God to give me the book title. The title I received was, “The 7 Dynamic Spiritual Laws of Ageing Youthfully.”

Then, I truly lost interest in bringing through this book, and the whole topic. Instead, I wanted to bring through a book to help humanity specifically in the area of religion and consciousness. The title I received from God in my writings which I registered is, “Realigning Religion: Consciousness and the Survival of the Human Species” along with specific instructions about the book cover, and a detailed book description.

In my writings to God/Source/Higher Self, I asked if it was okay to not write the book about ageing. I received pages of answers and guidance, and the one sentence I feel that is most important to share with you is the following quoted from my personal journal:

“Always go with where your passion is and let that be your guide as far as what to write and publish and in what order.”

You see, God, Source, your Higher Self, whatever name you feel most comfortable with when referencing pure divine guidance will always support you in what you truly want to do, so long as it will not bring harm to you, anyone or anything.

We are all in this lifetime to really live it out with passion and excitement, and it’s perfectly okay to change your mind and go in a different direction in every level of your life.

We are not static robots. We are blooming, and as we bloom and grow, our preferences may change, just as some of your own preferences have changed over the last fifteen years.

In other words, there is no “should” there is only “prefer” and you will always be supported with what you prefer, as well as when you change your preferences. I can only share this because there have been so many times when my preferences changed, such as going fully into broadcast journalism, and then dropping the whole field to move fully in the direction I am now living and loving every day of my life.

New ideas may come up, and sometimes people are not sure what the best course of action would be with respect to life purpose. The only answer I can give you is what you feel most drawn to in your heart. Sometimes, you can do several things, and not only one. You can have a day job while you integrate more of what you love into your life, until you no longer need that day job.

When you go with your deepest preferences, from the bottom of your heart, you will always be going in the direction that is for your highest good. Many times we need a multitude of life experiences that prepare us for our true life purpose, that in many cases, including mine, come into full bloom later in life.

So go easy on yourself. Keep moving in the direction you love, and when the passion dies for that area, then it’s time to change direction, and the only direction to ever go in is what fills your being with excitement!

Then you are on the right track.

If you fight your truth with guilt laden shoulds, then that is what causes stagnation, and a feeling of somehow withering inside. It’s okay to change your mind, and it’s okay to even change it again.

You are always loved and supported. The key question is, are you willing to love yourself enough to listen to your heart? When you are, then you will finally know true joy.

© Copyright 2007, 2011, 2020 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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VIDEO: 7 Steps to Recreate Yourself & Your Life

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VIDEO: How You Create Your Future

Learn exactly HOW you create your future, what you must stop doing immediately and what you need to do every day so the future you deeply desire becomes your actual reality.

Created with love for you from my heart,

Barbara Rose PhD

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VIDEO: How to Soar in Your Romantic Relationship

Watch this video and learn how to soar in your romantic relationship at any stage. Enjoy!

Feel free to post any questions you have and I’ll be delighted to answer them for you!

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Call in this Sunday to Receive F*R*E*E Answers and Solutions to Uplift and Transform Your Life

Here is a loving reminder for you to call in this Sunday to receive completely FREE Answers, Solutions and transformation I bring through from God, Source, Higher Self for you live on this global call every Sunday at 3:00 PM Eastern, 12 Noon Pacific, 8:00 PM UK Time.

Here is the call in info for this Sunday: DIAL IN NUMBER 1-712-832-8330


Click here to see what time this call is in your local time zone. Reference America/New York 3:00 PM

I greatly look forward to being of the most positive service to you!!!

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VIDEO: How to Get UNSTUCK in Your Life

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September 2020 Message from God

When you look up to the sky searching for me, look instead into your heart because that is where I reside.

Let not the cares of this world trouble you. Find peace in knowing that you are an irreplaceable forever unfolding part of God so pure and unique that there could be only one you!

There may be tears, that’s okay, they soften the heart and even open the mind – your mind, to the fact that anything wonderful IS possible. It is because of YOU that our world is a much better and brighter place. How you ask? Have you smiled at someone recently? Have you given a “like” or a “love” on social media? Have you reached out just because it felt good to do so in any capacity, in any way? Yes you have!

What this world needs most is your LOVE! You never know how your love and one act of gentle expression actually saved someone’s life. You didn’t know that because you reached out someone else decided to not reach the end.

This may seem like a simple message, yet from its purity you will find its truth. As you know that love is the most powerful force in the universe – remember that you ARE LOVE! And your love is do direly needed.

Every act of injustice is transformed by love. Every soul who cries him or herself to sleep is in need of love. Each new day bring with it the chance to LOVE!

Circumstances are transient. Not one circumstance lasts forever – but love does.

If you are searching outside of yourself for the solution, turn and search within. THAT is where the solution can be found.

Just one small gesture can and often does change the world! You know of the rippling effect love has – yes you do. It is born of purity just like you were. It’s innocence lasts for eternity as you do. Your soul carries the profound energy and lifeforce of God, Creator, Source, Higher Self if you will. This profound boundless energy moves mountains, transforms societies, creates new life, and blossoms if you will let your heart lead the way you can never, ever go wrong!

Turn off the TV and the fear based news that only creates more fear. Turn into your own heart and there you will find the pure essence of your soul that IS eternal.

Remember that God is within you with every breath you take, before, during and after. God is here for you to help see you through difficult times. Turn to God when you have a problem and simply take out a paper and pen while you write down a question asking for the solution and I will give it to you EVERY TIME!

Please stop all negative self talk, and all negative talk for that matter. Instead plant a seed of love – care – a solution from your heart. If you do this and when you do this you WILL feel an immeasurable surge of radiant love deep within your spirit. You will find the inner strength to go one more day despite adverse circumstances which definitely WILL pass!

Remember that as a child of God you are always blessed. Yes, I understand that you may not see blessings amid difficult circumstances yet they are there to strengthen you. To strengthen your resolve and merge your heart into the oneness of pure love that truly does overcome every obstacle.

You can do it! You ARE a child of God, Creator and as such creation is your natural state! That is when you feel most ALIVE. Do you agree? When you help someone you are blessed and you even FEEL the blessing because it feels so good. Do you agree? Can you agree?

Make this a new time for you to keep turning within where all love, peace, prosperity, abundance, joy, and beauty exists. It is all within you and then one day, maybe even today, you will start to see it on the outside as your circumstances match your inner beauty and bliss.

Keep your hope alive. Keep your innocence alive. You are, after all, precious love and innocence incarnate and your soul is ever expanding matching your vibrant light that you hold within. Keep shining your light! I love you more than you could ever know!

*** Transcribed through Barbara Rose PhD