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My Miracle from Jesus Christ that Blew Me Away!

Read more about this true story with an important message for you below.

It happened a decade ago in 2011 when I was homeless and at the beach in Boca Raton, FL.

I was wearing a one-of-a-kind custom made necklace made of an orange carnelian stone, with citrine, and an orange evil eye pendant (that is to protect from evil.) The necklace had gold wire wrapping in an intricate design and I loved it.

I decided to sit at the shore where the waves were coming up. The waves were extremely strong, and the current was equally as strong after coming up on me the current made the waves go to the left and out to sea.

I decided to get up when I noticed my necklace was ripped off of my neck by the fierce waves. I started to frantically search for my necklace, however, the waves were so rough, and the water so murky, I couldn’t see anything. I was very sad that the Atlantic ocean claimed my cherished necklace never to be found again – or so I thought.

I was very sad and as I was walking on the beach I started to pray for my situation to turn around. I actually said out loud, “And Jesus, if there is any way you can get my necklace back for me from the ocean that would be a really great sign!”

I decided to go back to the hotel room where I was staying for a few days. Three days later I felt an inner nudge to go back to the same beach, and I did.

God/Higher Self started to guide me after I got out of my SUV in the parking lot about two or three hundred feet from the shoreline. The guidance I received within my mind was, “walk to the left” so I did. Then I was guided to keep walking. So I walked for a couple of minutes and God literally guided me by saying, “Stop, look down.” OMG Right there laying in perfect condition right on top of the sand was my necklace in PERFECT condition! I was elated! I said, “Jesus, you actually got my necklace from the middle of the ocean for me, thank you so very much!

To say that I was ecstatic is an understatement. I mean certainly no regular human being was going to get my necklace out from the ocean and lay it on top of the sand for me to get back three days later. Jesus actually did this for me! It was a true miracle.

Then, I was so excited I went back to my hotel room, and I started to covet the necklace that Jesus Himself touched, when all of a sudden the necklace fell out of my hand, onto the ceramic tile floor, and the carnelian stone shattered. I said, “Oh my God, what did I do? Why did my necklace break?”

The answer I received I believe was not just meant for me, but for all of humanity. God said as the words flowed into my mind, “You are not supposed to covet any stone or necklace! The reason Jesus got your necklace out of the ocean for you was to show you that your prayers are heard and they are answered, but never covet any material object.”

WOW! That was an awakener for me. The reason I am sharing this with you is to pass on the message that your prayers are heard and they are answered, too! Just keep a pure heart, do unto others exactly what you would want done to you, and keep your faith alive and strong. You never know how many miracles you have already received, and will continue to receive!

We are never truly alone, even at times when we feel isolated. We really do have incredible help and support. I hope sharing this true story has helped you in any way possible.

4 replies on “My Miracle from Jesus Christ that Blew Me Away!”

Hi Linda,
In 2011 I was living in my 2002 Jeep for eight solid months. When my book royalties came in I was able to take a hotel room in La Quinta Inn in Deerfield Beach for a few nights as the price was lower than any place in Boca. Check out this article, “Living from the Penthouse to My Car: The Lessons I Learned from Being Homeless”


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