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September 2020 Message from God

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When you look up to the sky searching for me, look instead into your heart because that is where I reside.

Let not the cares of this world trouble you. Find peace in knowing that you are an irreplaceable forever unfolding part of God so pure and unique that there could be only one you!

There may be tears, that’s okay, they soften the heart and even open the mind – your mind, to the fact that anything wonderful IS possible. It is because of YOU that our world is a much better and brighter place. How you ask? Have you smiled at someone recently? Have you given a “like” or a “love” on social media? Have you reached out just because it felt good to do so in any capacity, in any way? Yes you have!

What this world needs most is your LOVE! You never know how your love and one act of gentle expression actually saved someone’s life. You didn’t know that because you reached out someone else decided to not reach the end.

This may seem like a simple message, yet from its purity you will find its truth. As you know that love is the most powerful force in the universe – remember that you ARE LOVE! And your love is do direly needed.

Every act of injustice is transformed by love. Every soul who cries him or herself to sleep is in need of love. Each new day bring with it the chance to LOVE!

Circumstances are transient. Not one circumstance lasts forever – but love does.

If you are searching outside of yourself for the solution, turn and search within. THAT is where the solution can be found.

Just one small gesture can and often does change the world! You know of the rippling effect love has – yes you do. It is born of purity just like you were. It’s innocence lasts for eternity as you do. Your soul carries the profound energy and lifeforce of God, Creator, Source, Higher Self if you will. This profound boundless energy moves mountains, transforms societies, creates new life, and blossoms if you will let your heart lead the way you can never, ever go wrong!

Turn off the TV and the fear based news that only creates more fear. Turn into your own heart and there you will find the pure essence of your soul that IS eternal.

Remember that God is within you with every breath you take, before, during and after. God is here for you to help see you through difficult times. Turn to God when you have a problem and simply take out a paper and pen while you write down a question asking for the solution and I will give it to you EVERY TIME!

Please stop all negative self talk, and all negative talk for that matter. Instead plant a seed of love – care – a solution from your heart. If you do this and when you do this you WILL feel an immeasurable surge of radiant love deep within your spirit. You will find the inner strength to go one more day despite adverse circumstances which definitely WILL pass!

Remember that as a child of God you are always blessed. Yes, I understand that you may not see blessings amid difficult circumstances yet they are there to strengthen you. To strengthen your resolve and merge your heart into the oneness of pure love that truly does overcome every obstacle.

You can do it! You ARE a child of God, Creator and as such creation is your natural state! That is when you feel most ALIVE. Do you agree? When you help someone you are blessed and you even FEEL the blessing because it feels so good. Do you agree? Can you agree?

Make this a new time for you to keep turning within where all love, peace, prosperity, abundance, joy, and beauty exists. It is all within you and then one day, maybe even today, you will start to see it on the outside as your circumstances match your inner beauty and bliss.

Keep your hope alive. Keep your innocence alive. You are, after all, precious love and innocence incarnate and your soul is ever expanding matching your vibrant light that you hold within. Keep shining your light! I love you more than you could ever know!

*** Transcribed through Barbara Rose PhD

By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

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