Welcome to Spectacular Sunday’s

I’m so excited to offer you this completely free spiritual service to help you become whole on every level of your life. The kind of whole where you are BEAMING and EXCITED to greet each day.

Each Sunday at 3:00 pm Eastern, 12 Noon Pacific, 8:00 PM UK Time we gather together globally via phone to protect your anonymity where I bring through answers, solutions, new insights, spot readings for your life that all flow through me from God, Source, Higher Self Communication for you and everyone on the call.

It’s an amazing experience and one that you will be so grateful for! Here is the call in info for this Sunday: DIAL IN NUMBER 1-712-832-8330 YOUR ACCESS CODE IS 990 3004

The dial in info and access code is posted each Saturday in the private Facebook group Answers from God, Source, Higher Self Communication. That is the very special loving group where I can continue to answer your questions and help you evolve and awaken into your Highest Self that you came into this life to be and express.

There is ZERO COST for this special service. I do it from the bottom of my heart for YOU! As you receive custom answers live on each call you will come to understand WHY we all have to go through periods in our life when we are actually being prepared to make astounding growth, have uncanny realizations, and fully realize our UNLIMITED nature that steers each of us out of the darkness, away from chaos and into true inner peace and JOY!

YOU are as unlimited as the sky! As all information flows through in the moment it will greatly benefit each precious soul on each call. It is no accident that you are receiving this right NOW. Because this rare and pure service truly comes from God/Source/Higher Self by whatever name you personally give. It is because you are SO LOVED that God wants you to feel how incredible you are and EXPERIENCE how incredible you are in every facet of your life!

So I welcome you to this service, and invite you to join the private Facebook group now so you can attend each call every Sunday – because it is definitely a SPECTACULAR SUNDAY for YOU!

I look forward to seeing you and speaking to you on the phone! And most of all I look forward to truly being of the most positive service to you.

Note: Please check the local time it is in your time zone by referencing 3:00 PM New York time

I’m thrilled to connect with you and feel you BEAMING as you truly deserve to!

Sending you much love,

Barbara Rose, PhD

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