Your Season of Miracles is Here!


By Barbara Rose, PhD

Did you ever see a product or service that you REALLY needed only to find that the price was way too high for you at the time? I certainly have in my life. I found that many people in the “helping people” industry don’t have a humanitarian option to reduce the fee dramatically to be of the most pure, heart-centered service to huanity.

I decided to change that starting NOW. The greatest joy in serving others is the massive difference the service makes in their life – in YOUR life! That always feels like a miracle when the information I bring through is completely life changing.

Now when you look at the services I provide you will see this button:

Miracles-Secure-Registration-Button and the tuition is $125 US per session if you need that registration option. No questions asked, no strings attached. Your information is completely 100% confidential and you receive the service you registered for at this humanitarian scholarship tuition because it is the right heart-centered thing to do.

Here is the menu of services this applies to: 

Become a Globally Certified Higher Self Life Transformation Specialist $125 US Per Session.

Get a Higher Self Channeled Private Consultation and if you need to a Higher Self Life Transforation Private Intensive $125 US Per Session.

You may really want to take the Your Tears are a Goldmine! private intensive. With this humanitarian scholarship the tuition is $125 US Per Session. 

What about charging what the service is really worth? I’m serving humanity from the bottom of my heart and quite frankly saving and transforming people’s lives is far too important to only have a high fee. Haven’t YOU ever needed help in your life? I have. Were you ever SO GRATEFUL when you received a product or service for a humanitarian reduced fee? I have and I believe you have, too.

People are far more important than dollars. And what is the purpose of dollars? It is to make a tremendous difference in this world, and to enjoy life! How wonderful it is to know you are making the greatest difference and how the rippling effect of that spans for generations long after we have passed on.

So I challenge the people who are “helping people” to create a super low fee to help those who really need a fee reduction – people who really want to thrive and shine but just need a break in price.

So if I’m remembered for anything in my life after I pass away I truly want it to be that I served from the bottom of my heart and soul.

I hope you feel excited about this. I do, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world!


Rose Group



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