I’m So Excited to be a Feature Film Actress Again – SAG-AFTRA – Cast Me!

Barbara-Rose_20190906 My love of acting began as a child. At age eleven I starred in a school play called In the Park. I played the role of an overprotective Jewish mother wish a teenager on drugs. I carried the whole play and I loved every minute of it. When I graduated the sixth grade I received an leather bound autograph book. I was so surprised when EVERY person said virtually the same thing: “Barbara when you grow up please be an acrtress.” “Barbara when you grow up you have to be an actress.” Then at age thirteen I played the role of Electra in the play Gypsy.

At age nineteen I studied full time at Lee Strasberg Actors Studio in New York City. It all came so naturally to me. Then, as the years went by when I was a single Mom I went back into acting. I did a Bud Light national commercial “First Blind Date” and it also became a radio commercial. I became a member of SAG-AFTRA and was cast in my first feature film True Lies. I played the role of an FBI Agent evacuating a building that was about to explode. The director James Cameron told the crew as he pointed to me, “I want her on!” I love every facet of the filmmaking process. I love working on the set with the cast and crew. I’m always the first one to arrive on time and very focused on my work. Acting is a passion that I take very seriously and I truly love it with all my heart.

I then moved to Calabasas and Malibu, CA. I played the role of Alexa, a murder witness in the movie City Scrapes. I was cast in bit parts as CBS kept calling me back. I loved acting in The Nanny, Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, Caroline in the City, and The Bonnie Hunt Show. There was an elder cameraman who was filming me at CBS who pulled me aside. He was very kind and he told me that he was the cameraman who filmed Carol Burnette when she first began her career in non-speaking parts. He said he KNEW she was going to be a huge success. He then said to me,

You are the only one on this set that it looks like you truly know what you are doing. You stand out just like Carol Burnette did, and I just want you to know that I know you are going to make it big!

WOW – That was a HUGE compliment and I was so grateful to him for sharing that with me. I then did a scene for a casting director in LA from the movie Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. I lived my lead part out to the fullest. The casting director told me he was seriously blown away. He said, “You really had be believing that this was happening to you. You are going to go far in this business – your acting was just like Katherine Hepburn.

Another WOW! I had never seen that movie before and even still haven’t but I was thrilled.

Then my life and reality came to a crashing hault from a completely unjust unwarranted child custody litigation. I did not have the funds to hire an attorney throughout the whole litigation process and I was completely railroaded. Although I was given visitation rights every other weekend, my soul was shattered. I had a complete meltdown and I withdrew from acting as a result.

It took a long time for me to heal. I wrote thirty two books, raised my children and then one evening I was at a movie theatre seeing trailers of other films and suddenly after two decades my love of acting re-surfaced. This is a passion that was way deep inside of me that came to life again. I decided to follow the passion in my heart. I was immediately signed to a top agent, became in active standing with SAG-AFTRA and now I’m really ready to act again.

I learned the most when I studied at Playhouse West in West Hollywood, CA – the Sanford Meisner technique that “acting is living truthfully under imaginery circumstances.” I take the role and I make it my life – and I live it out to the fullest. I CARE that the role I play is lived out from the core of my being.

I LOVE being a part of a team in filmmaking. I’m willing to help in any way I can. I care that the role I act out is truly lived out from my heart and soul so that my role and the film becomes memorable. I care greatly about the entire process of film making.

I’ll always do my spiritual work and share the messages in my books to help people. This is a time for me to have great fun, and to me as far as career acting is the most fun to me.

So if you’re casting or know of someon who is casting a great role for a feature film, I would love to be a part of it from the bottom of my heart.

Barbara Rose is represented by Famous Faces Entertainment (FL)  

(954) 341-0588

SAG-AFTRA Membership is Current in Los Angeles and Miami

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2 thoughts on “I’m So Excited to be a Feature Film Actress Again – SAG-AFTRA – Cast Me!

  1. Dear Barbara,
    I am so pleased for you as I know just how much of a hard time you have had. I have sent you Reiki in the past so perhaps it has helped a bit. I am sure the world of cinema and making films is just right for you. It wouldn’t be for me, even though there is an artistic vein in in my family;- my mother’s brother , Alan Hunter, was a foreign corrispondent for the Golden Globe Awards as well as actor, although I believe he only ever had small parts. His father (my grandfather ) was a singer on the stage in London and my grandmother a ballroom dancer. Non of this came out in me, nor even my mother . Although she is still a very attractive and elegant 95-year-old and receives complements whenever my brother and his wife take her to shopping centres. However, people do say they like my voice when I am reading meditations to them. So, Barbara, I am really really pleased that you have found you true calling, once more. Wishing you all the best, Dorothy xxx (Dorothy Rowatt, Tera-Mai Reiki Master; Meditation teacher; Holistic Therapist, Charles Virtue Angel Practitioner).


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