Two Types of People – Which One Are You?

Take this assessment to see where you stand and be inspired to be the best you came into this life to be.

There are two types of people in this world… RHINOS AND COWS! Cows are 900 lb animals that move around eating grass all day long. They are scared of thunder and often sleep in their own feces!

Rhinos are 2 ton animals with 2″ thick skin, 3 1/2 ‘ horn, and run 30 miles an hour. They are the rumble of the jungle, fear nothing and always get what they want!

Rhinos take charge, cows let others take charge!

To be a Rhinoceros you must have the 3 A’s – APTITUDE, ATTITUDE & ACTION

A Rhino takes charge of his or her dreams and ideas – their thoughts become the blueprint of their lives, dictating what they do and what they expect. A Rhino writes down personal and professional goals, self motivates to meet them, plans how to meet them and takes action to meet them. Plan your attack  – Attack your plan!

A Rhino takes care of self first – physically, mentally and spiritually. Act they way you want to feel… and soon you will feel the way you act!

A Rhino realizes that failure brings success and is willing to be part of and train as part of a team – together each accomplishes more.

A Rhino makes a mistake and says, “I was wrong.” Cows make a mistake and say “It wasn’t my fault.”

A Rhino works harder and seems to have more fun. Cows are always too busy and never have enough time.

A Rhino charges at their challenges with optimism. Cows retreat from problems and never get past their pessimism.

A Rhino makes commitments. Cows make promises.

Rhinos listen with both ears. Cows just flap their gums.

A Rhino is good at what they do and are always trying to become better. Cows are not as bad as others out there.

Rhinos respect their leaders and try to learn something from them. Cows resent their leaders and try to find faults in them.

A Rhino says there ought to be a better way to do this. Cows say this is the way it has always been done.

A Rhino is a leader looking to be of service. Cows are followers looking to be served.

Rhinos are constantly in training mode and improving their chances of winning. Cows are cancelling their training and will NEVER win against a Rhino!

Are you a COW or a RHINO?

# # # I found the above article in an office and found it to be inspiring so I am sharing it with you. I did not write the above article and do not know the source of the information. — Barbara Rose, PhD

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