PARKLAND Free Grief Transformation Private Phone Sessions

This is a very sad time – the one year anniversary of the tragic school shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. If you are an immediate family member of any of the victims I want to bring you solace during a free private phone session.

How does this work?

When we are on the phone the information literally pours through me from God to bring you solace and even newfound joy that is life changing.

How much does this cost?

Zero. I cannot bring myself to charge a penny to the families who are shattered from grief, however, I CAN bring through the solace you need that is priceless.

When can I have a phone session?

Private phone sessions are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. You can have your phone session in as little as one day from now.

How long is the phone session?

Phone session is 60 to 90 minutes in duration.

Who sees my information?

Only Barbara Rose, PhD. Your information is kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

How do I register for a session?

Click on this link to register via confidential email.

Have you done this work before? Do you have any previous client letters?

Yes, I have been doing this work since 2000 globally and for myself since 1998.

Client Letters Who Received This Service

A Client’s Letter to a Friend. I have been in contact with a woman who wrote a book called “If God hears me, I want an Answer”. Her name is Barbara Rose.Well, between reading her book and spending those first 90 minutes with her on the phone,I have been feeling better than I have in ages and ages.It is nothing short of miraculous what she has done for me…Check it out! If for no other reason than to find out what has helped me so much in such a short amount of time, after all these
YEARS of counseling!

The Client’s Letter to Barbara Rose

I do want to emphasize that I have truly found my sessions with you to be EXTREMELY helpful. Really kind of amazing, given the fact that I’ve been involved in all kinds of inpatient and outpatient long-term counseling programs for nearly 5 years now with little result.Really, Barbara, I have been feeling better than I’ve felt in ages since my daughter’s death, as a result of the 2 sessions that I’ve had with you…S

Another Client’s Grief Transformation Letter to Barbara Rose

Today I walked to joy. I was living a life full of sorrow, anger, despair, grief. My son passed almost three years ago and my life changed. I wanted to be pasted all the grief, I was denying it. I was pretending that it wasn’t there. I worked at a job that no longer fulfilled me, but helped to bring me down. I (very skeptically) took the 10 week intensive form Barbara Rose. I learned about myself, where I was in my path, what I really wanted to be doing, what would bring me joy and fulfillment. Every day I go for walks, I walked cried, sobbed, and listened to my heart. I quit my job yesterday and today the walk was so different, I realized walked to joy. You can too.

I am a Mom and I care deeply about you. I can’t think of anything more meaningful than to bring you the solace that is here for you. I am also your neighbor in Boca Raton. I do all sessions privately via phone as my eyes are closed the entire time all of the information flows through me for you. Making a major difference for you is what brings me the most joy. This is very pure work from the bottom of my heart and soul that comes through me from God for you. Whether you register for a free private session or not I want you to know your loved one is ENTIRELY ALIVE and with you so much of the time!

I wish you Godspeed and send you a tremendous amount of love and care from the bottom of my heart.

rose vibrantClick here to View what people from across the globe share about this service from the bottom of their hearts. All letters are pure and authentic.



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