What Most Actors & Celebrities REALLY Want is Self Love and Validation! Do YOU?


When I was a feature film and television actress I truly had the lowest self esteem. I loved acting yet I was “Oscar Driven.” I actually believed that winning an Oscar at the Academy Awards would make me “somebody” – someone who is worthy, important, and valuable. Boy did I have a LOT to learn!

I kept trying to validate myself from the outside in even by being “the best” actress, wearing designer clothes, jewelry, it was all about me and my giant ego – the ego is equated with self hate – never self love!

In 1994 in Hollywood, CA I was told by a highly respected spiritual man that I would be bringing through information from my “Higher Self.” I asked, “What’s a Higher Self? He replied it is the one you call God.

I immediately cracked up laughing at him and said, “Are you kidding me? Why would God want to speak to ME? I’m not the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa.” He replied, “You can’t understand or relate to this now but you will find that later on in your life you will be bringing through information from God, your Higher Self to uplift the spiritual consciousness of humanity.

I didn’t even know what that meant at the time. It completely went over my head. I went through a deep transformation as I started receiving answers from God via Higher Self Communication in writing. I was awestruck at the information I received. I went from having such low self esteem to feeling equal to YOU and the rest of the human race. I love myself in a humble way, never in a way like I’m all that – no, no – in a pure way – the way you would love a precious baby.

It’s a horrible feeling to constantly seek outer validation to feel any measure of self love, self worth, and any shred of true high self esteem. Here’s the question: If you were to completely let go of seeking validation on the outside how would you receive it?

Do you want to feel completely worthy NOW?

Do you want to feel real self love and validation NOW?

Do you want to feel that you matter NOW?

As I bring through all of the information that creates astounding personal and life transformation this is HOW I transformed. This is how I brought through 32 books. Yes, thirty two and so can you! You can “bring through” songs, screenplays, commercials, new concert concepts, it is truly unlimited. The most important thing I can EVER bring through for you is all of the information that is as custom as your fingerprint via Higher Self Communication that will completely transform YOU from the inside out just like it has for me – and you are going to feel SO worthy, lovable, peaceful, confident, and NOTHING on the outside can EVER take that away from you!

Many celebrities feel an inner void exactly like I used to. I’m reaching out to you because I honestly really care about helping you transform that so you can honestly love yourself whether your career is mega successful or in a slump – the outer conditions of your life can NEVER determine your self worth or validate you. Check out this TOTALLY LIFE TRANSFORMING service for Celebrities Who Want to Transform Inner Misery.


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