12 Week Personal Transformation Private Intensive Global Via Phone. YOUR RESULTS Will Astound You

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How would you ideally love to feel about yourself? Do you want real high self esteem? Do you want to feel worthy and lovable? Do you want to feel that you matter no matter what your external life looks like? Would you like to feel secure, confident, and authentically empowered? Do you want to believe in yourself no matter what other people have said about you in the past?

I feel all of the above about myself but I certainly didn’t used to, and maybe you don’t either! I had the lowest self esteem, I felt totally unworthy and unlovable. I felt I didn’t matter no matter how hard I tried. I was totally insecure, with very little confidence and I did not feel empowered. I also didn’t believe in myself. Can you relate?

In 1994 I was told a term called Higher Self Communication, in short it is receiving the pure truth from God/Source/Creator/Your Higher Self. I received the pure truth that completely transformed me and my life from the inside out.

I want to take you on the purest, most profound personal transformation journey, just us on the phone, as I bring through all of the information for you via Higher Self Communication that will transform you from the inside out. 

Anything that needs to be uncovered will be revealed so you are beaming like a beautiful shining light as you feel yourself transform in twelve private phone sessions, one each week, that you will feel and know the pure truth of what has been holding you back so you can soar from within.

You will learn the pure process of Higher Self Communication that creates shifts in your consciousness within minutes that many people do not even get in years. This is literally God working through me and through you to ignite the gem you are within. It is an incredible transformational process. As a Higher Self Communication Life Transformation Specialist I have worked with thousands of people from all walks of life, countries and cultures. Every person I have worked with experienced life changing results. The kind I went through and you will go through as well.

Each private weekly session is filled with Divine information flowing through me. It cannot even compare to having 1,000 PhD’s. Higher Self Communication brings light years of transformation in a dramatically short time. You will be utilizing all six of your senses and you will feel yourself shedding layers of old false negative beliefs about yourself and replacing them with the shining pure and beautiful truth about you.

Each private phone session ranges in time from one to three + hours. I do not watch the clock on your private sessions. Your results are extremely important to me and that is honestly why I do this work! It brings me the GREATEST JOY to experience YOUR personal transformation. I cannot put a price on that amount of joy because it is priceless. I had one client whose daughter had passed away. She was shattered and was in all kinds of inpatient and outpatient programs for five years with little to no results prior to her hearing about me. She had ninety minutes on the phone with me that brought her back to life, she felt joy for the first time since her daughter’s death. NONE of the information comes from my own intellect. It ALL flows THROUGH me from Higher Self Communication. I am NOT a “psychic”. Higher Self Communication is already built into you and all of humanity. It is non-denominational, it is your birthright, it is THE MOST ASTOUNDING process for personal and life transformation that I have EVER experienced, including every one of my clients and the thousands of people I have taught this process to since 2000.

My goal is your SWIFT and PERMANENT TRANSFORMATION within minutes and hours. That is why this is a twelve week private intensive. This work has spread across the globe by word of mouth to my subscribers spanning 191 countries – it is THAT effective.

Clients would have a session with me and refer their wife, husband, daughter, cousin, friends and co-workers to me. I never asked them to – it’s the purity of the work and the phenomenal RESULTS that they experienced that moved them to refer the people they knew.

You are in this life to experience your HIGHEST version of YOU – Our transformation journey begins with session number one. So much is revealed! With this process of Higher Self Communication you can bring through a book, answers, solutions, a screenplay, a whole new business, a shining YOU beaming with high self esteem, and self love, the kind that attracts your twin flame soulmate – you will attract exactly what you wish to attract into your life. Think of it as the Law of Attraction on steroids. Your personal transformation will empower you and catapult you to your highest potential in this lifetime. It all starts on the inside.

I can only work with a limited number of private clients each week as it takes an enormous amount of spiritual energy for me to bring through all of the information you need that is as custom as your fingerprint. Your Higher Self KNOWS EXACTLY what you need to transform. I receive volumes of information and answers for you during each session. The only thing you will want is a notepad and pen to take notes as there is always detailed information that comes through me that you will want to write down – such as the title of your new book, or the name of your new website – these are examples.

All of your information is completely confidential. The tuition is $700 US per session and session duration is between one to three + hours. The entire twelve week intensive is $8,400 US. You can make one payment, or two payments of $4,200 US, or you can pay three payments of $2,800 US. You can select the number of sessions you are paying for below via fully secure PayPal. Upon approval of your registration you will receive a private reply email within 24 hours to schedule your first private phone session. Tuition is non-refundable. At the end of each private phone session we schedule your next private session while still on the phone. You will come to LOVE your private sessions because of the PROFOUND RESULTS YOU EXPERIENCE that is truly priceless. You will get off the phone smiling and beaming and so will I because making the most significant and life changing positive difference for YOU is truly why I do this work. It brings my heart the greatest JOY. I work with the highest integrity, truth, the purest motives, and I am not allowed to censor the information I receive or change any part of it. It ALL flows through me from your Higher Self, your Oversoul, God, Source, Creator by whatever name you give to your Higher Power. THE HIGHEST source of love, wisdom and truth in the universe.

I do NOT work with everyone who requests to become a private client no matter HOW much money they offer to  pay me. If your registration is NOT approved you will receive a FULL REFUND within 24 hours via fully secure PayPal.

You have to TRULY WANT to bloom into your highest self and you definitely WILL. I greatly look forward to being of the most positive service to you. It is an honor to bring through all you need to experience the results you are looking for. With this private intensive the search is truly over – here you have definitely found what your heart and soul have been looking for. I serve you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to meeting you. To begin click below for your fully secure registration.

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See what time it is in your time zone. Reference New York, USA Eastern Time to make it easier to schedule your private phone session.

A Few Letters from People Who Experienced this Pure Service.

    • I can honestly say that since my consultation with Barbara, my life has been completely different. This was not a glow that wears off after a few hours or a day. This was a glow that grew with each passing moment. She was able to validate time after time that she was indeed channeling God’s messages to me. She is able to give advice on what to do next, which is extremely helpful if you really want to take action to transform your life. I will be forever grateful for her courage in sharing her gift of light and clarity with the world. I highly recommend her as a precious connection to all that is Good and True in the Universe.

      angie reedy

      San Diego, CA

    • BARBARA ROSE she will teach you how to get answers from God it’s quite easy you already do . But if not awakened or Recognized these thoughts you will never know. She has helped me, awaken me ,as I was already getting messages from God. Sense I was a little child. But most importantly she can tell you if that is your own beliefs or thoughts that come to your own head . Or is it coming from God. That’s where I needed some help and she confirmed I was totally on target. I was very amazed. She has stated things in my past I never told her or anyone. I told her I’m so amazed your spot on. She has told me things in advance and it has come true already. And in the near future as well. I’m already getting signs from the Universe day by day and big ones. She can help in any different areas as well, relationships, self-esteem, suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, money management ect.. those are some of the areas. So if your willing to make a positive impact and change in your life for the better then give this wonderful woman a chance to turn your life around and get the answers you always been looking for. Thank you my friends she has helped me in every area possible via her Phone sessions. I thank you so much Barbara Rose PhD you have saved my life I have a chance at life at its highest level from above . Thanks again your a life saver Barbara Rose PhD 🌷❤

    • What a wonderful experience!! I cannot put a price on what your gift has brought me. Your unique style and the information that you provided has literally changed my attitude, my life and my world. Being able to get “real” answers has not only helped me to find my true path, but has me anticipating my journey with real passion now. Thank you for sharing you awesome gift with me – I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart…You have my undying gratitude.” – Natalie Glover

    • I do want to emphasize that I have truly found my sessions with you to be EXTREMELY helpful. Really kind of amazing, given the fact that I’ve been involved in all kinds of inpatient and outpatient long-term counseling programs for nearly 5 years now with little result.Really, Barbara, I have been feeling better than I’ve felt in ages since my daughter’s death, as a result of the 2 sessions that I’ve had with you…S

    • If you are seeking a wonderful spiritual mentor I would highly recommend making contact with this very enlightened being called Barbara Rose. She is a true gift to humanity and a very treasure friend who leaves footprints on my Soul.You are certainly born to inspire humanity Barbara! May the angels enfold you in their wings of light and you be blessed each and every day ^i^Your friend, Gail O’Keeffe.

    • Dear Barbara, thank you sooo much for yesterdays session, for inspiration after inspiration and wonderful aha! moments continuing even now the next mornToday a “new Susan” is reborn refreshed, restored and ready for healing.Thank you more than words can ever express….Susan

  • Since 2000 Dr. Barbara Rose has provided this service to people from all walks of life, countries and cultures. Her service has helped Government Leaders, Ministers, Doctors, Celebrities, Lawyers, NASA Scientists, Sports Athletes, Rock Star Musicians, Feature Film and Television Talent, Teachers, Stay at home Parents, Priests, University Heads, World Leaders, Royalty, Life Coaches, Artists, and more.
  • rose vibrantClick here to View what people from across the globe share about this service from the bottom of their hearts. All letters are pure and authentic.
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