VIDEO: The God Who Goes Before You

The past eight years of my life were filled with sickness, surgeries, and struggles. I lost everything, yet I continued to pray to God for help to rebuild my life again even better than it was before.

A few months ago I began watching Joel Osteen videos on YouTube, and they inspired me. Sometimes just like a doctor may need a surgeon, a spiritual teacher may need another spiritual preacher to restore ourselves from the inside out.

I’m sharing this video with you because it made the most positive difference for me. It has nothing to do with religion – no matter who you are or what you are going through I truly believe this video that you can watch below or on YouTube can also bring you new found faith and inspiration for the greatest times ahead of you in your life.

I am deeply grateful to Joel Osteen for his work in bringing through the words of God/Creator for our highest good. This is a powerful 27 minutes that can change your life.

I will be recording many more of my own videos for you, I just wanted to share this with you from my heart because I care about you and your life. We all work together – God/Creator works through all of us.

  Sending you every blessing for every good that God has in store for you!
With Much Love,

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