What God Instructed Me to Do with You ONE HUMANITY MOVEMENT

Last night in my sleep I received very clear instructions from God/Creator/Source/Higher Self, by whatever name personally use, for you and all of humanity to create a global movement of ONE HUMANITY United in Love and Care. The reasons given to me were extremely clear that you really need to know.

It is time that you choose which side you are going to take in your life, the side of good or the side of evil.

The people who choose the side of good help each other from heart-centered care, giving resources for whatever other people need and will completely turn away from evil. At the end of this lifetime you will go to Heaven and be in paradise where no evil or negativity exists.


The people who are part of the New World Order are on the side of evil. They seek to oppress you, have RFID chips implanted into your skin for mass control. Those who are on the side of evil will reincarnate over and over again until life brings them down to their knees, when finally their hearts will open and they will seek God.

People who care more about deceiving humanity for money, greed, and power that has ill motives choose to be on this path much to their own demise.

Now is the time when you are faced with a cloice. The best choice you can make is to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You must pick one road with your free will and choice be it good/God or evil.

No longer can humanity go back and forth sometimes doing good, other times hurting others in any way, shape or form. So you are essentially choosing your destiny!

The Private Facebook Group is the place to share any resources, tips, suggestion, a smile, care, and to request any help you may need that can be easily accessible and FREE.

Feel free to copy the Logo image below to display on your website or blog, any social media to show that you are taking a stand, you will only tolerate goodness and love in this world, and will simply have no part of any negativity. It’s a strong message that is direly needed on every corner of the globe.


It is time to reach the people who are afraid to know that they are not alone.

It is time to reach the people who seek to dominate and control others that this will no longer be tolerated by the human race and every person who is good at heart.

Spread this message using any of the social media links below.

Join the Facebook Group and know that you are fully supported and deeply appreciated for being YOU!

This is the part of humanity that shines from the inside out. You are a person of extreme integrity, goodness, and love. You are so needed! I thank YOU for being on the special journey with me to band all of the good people together and you will shine as bright as the sun.

Welcome to ONE HUMANITY MOVEMENT – being a part of it is a blessing for you and for all.


Post Your Questions & Comments Below.

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