FREE Spiritual Teleseminars for You


Bringing through information from God/Source/Higher Self for you is a passion of mine. So much so that I am excited to do it for FREE.

I asked members of the Higher Self Communication Yahoo Group what topics they would like to have covered. With immediate answers coming through, it is the members who have a great deal of their own wisdom that requested specific topics, and you can, too!

As of this moment I am scheduling two different FREE teleseminars:

  • How to Achieve Solace When a Loved One Goes to the Other Side
  • How are Our Souls Different than Essence or Source?

There will be many more FREE teleseminars for you to savor, enjoy, learn and grow from as I bring through the information via Higher Self Communication.

NOTHING is done with the group members email addresses. It is strictly confidential. The group is the place where I will post the telephone numbers and access codes for each FREE teleseminar.

If you are on a spiritual path, and would like to accelerate your spiritual growth, this information truly comes from God/Source/Higher Self. You may join or leave at any time. You will NEVER receive “offers” from other people. This is NOT a “list for commercial purposes” we have a ZERO SPAM policy.


Pure information, pure growth, and purely FREE for all.

Many more topics will be added for you. Welcome and Enjoy!!

Rose Group

Post Your Questions & Comments Below.

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