It’s Time We Get Personal

In 1994 when I was told by a highly spiritual man that I would be uplifting humanity by sharing how to receive answers from God, I honestly looked at him like he was from Pluto. I replied, Why would God want to speak to ME? I’m not the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa. But then two years later my life as I knew it was shattered. Two years after that I asked God for answers in writing that I deeply needed, and I received them! I literally went from praying to die to having a whole new lease on life within five minutes!

That was the catalyst for my sharing this simple, pure process that has spread across the globe by word of mouth to my subscribers in 191 countries.

Your life does NOT have to be shattered to receive answers. Perhaps you may need answers about the best way to handle a situation or person. You may want to deepen your spiritual connection and growth so you have an anchor you can always trust and turn to no matter what is going on in your life, for the rest of your life.


This process is beyond profound and unfailing. Perhaps you may want to bring through a book, or create a new business. Maybe you just need a real answer that can give you a whole new perspective about your situation if you need one at any time.

Here’s the Personal Part for You

Many people have told me that they wanted my services but could not afford the fee. Now, this is changing for you. If you would like a one on one 60 minute private consultation with me to learn this process, registration is now open below, and the tuition is just $49 USD payable via fully secure PayPal.

We will schedule your private session via reply email from your PayPal registration. Your time zone, your private training, your time to receive the answers you need – it’s all here now for you. If registration closes at any time this page will no longer be here.

Receive all of the answers you need from God/Creator/Source/Higher Self/ by whatever name you personally use, and know that you are never alone! I greatly look forward to being of the most positive service to you and hearing about how you received your own answers and are amazed and astounded as everyone is when they do, including me!

Click on the Fully Secure Registration Button Below to Begin.

The Rose Group is Pay Pal Verified


Registration Grief Transformation Answers from God

See what time it is in your time zone. Reference New York, USA Eastern Time to make it easier to schedule your private phone session.

rose vibrantClick here to View what people from across the globe share about this service from the bottom of their hearts. All letters are pure and authentic.

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