How to Handle an Ugly Break-Up

I made a huge mistake when I married a guy in California. I was miserable. I dreaded my situation day and night, especially when my life was threatened by him a few times too many.

It was literally God who guided me as to what to do to escape, I listened and followed through with the guidance that literally saved my life. I won’t stoop low and bash him as I find that to be in very poor taste. However, there are things that I need to share with you just in case you are in a similar situation.

He harassed my family and friends on the phone and online. He went on a cyber stalking binge for ten months creating fake profiles of me on Facebook and Twitter using my photo as if the profile was mine. He even posted a pornographic photo of another white woman with full frontal nudity along with a man’s black penis.

I got with the security teams from social media and they took the fake profiles he created of me down. He bullied me repeatedly with vicious mean spirited posts on a daily basis.

What You Need to Do if this is Happening to You

A dear friend of mine said to me, “God does not like ugly.” You have to take the high road, and literally do to your Ex ONLY what you would want done to you.

In other words, let God, by whatever name you personally use fight your battles for you. Allow the Universe and Karma take care of the “ugly words and deeds that are done to you.” And while this is happening, continue to create your best life!

Ten months after I left him, I met the love of my life. It was true destiny and it was orchestrated by God/Source.

Also, ten months after I left him I filed for divorce. He actually filed a motion to stop the divorce! The individual can’t stand me, his only motive was to cause me upset. However, the divorce will continue and will soon be over completely.

When you first leave, you may have to do what I was guided to do, and that is to temporarily close your Facebook account. Set all settings to private! Do NOT accept any new friends that you don’t actually personally know. I had over 5,000 friends and hundreds of followers on top of that. You may even be one of them!

When someone has nothing better to do than get drunk and high day and night, when they don’t have a true life offline, cyber stalking and vicious posting actually gives them a thrill! That’s their entertainment, and it may cause grat upset, I know, I’ve just been there. However, as my true love and Grandma Rose used  to say, “This, too shall pass.”

I have nothing against anyone who is atheist, however, my Ex is, and there is no heart! He “delights in evildoing” and this is where you need to walk away completely, don’t do anything back at him or her that is ugly. You’ll one day be amazed at how the Universe takes care of it all so perfectly, far better than anything you can do on your own!

If you have a blog, or social media accounts, do post if you are being cyber bullied! Bring law enforcement into it, including the FBI! Even William Duke of Cambridge (Princess Diana’s Son) has a huge initiative going against cyber bullying.  It’s exactly like a kid getting bullied in school. It hurts tremendously, causes you to feel victimized, and helpless. So I’m writing this to help you feel empowered again with goodness!

Report anything that is causing you harm. Take screenshots of every post. And most importantly, ask God/Source/Higher Self/Creator to help you rise way above this situation so you can soar again.

If you wish to make a comment below and need help, I’m happy to help you! Just take the High Road at all times so you are blameless, decent, and pure.

Hang in there, you are truly never alone and will see the day when this is behind you.




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