True Mutual Storybook Love Finally Happened to Me and Can for You, Too!


By Barbara Rose, PhD

It’s the kind of love that you see in the movies, read about and wonder if it’s even possible. After a lifetime of one miserable relationship after another, I thought, I’m done, I don’t think true love is meant for me, and I was resolved to live the rest of my life without a partner who could truly love me with all of his heart and soul, where the love was equal for each of us.

Then some enchanted evening our eyes locked, it was love at first sight for both of us. Our lives are like a storybook romance. The love is so strong, so pure and so real. 

So how can this happen for you, too? I have a few answers here below.

First, get rid of every toxic person in your life. Ditch the person who is truly not deeply in love with you, where there is more misery than joy. You do not need him or her.

Next, actually be okay with being on your own. Nobody wants to be with a person who clings for dear life like an oxygen tube. For me, God is my oxygen tube!

Stop “looking” for your true match. The universe will bring you together in perfect timing and ways. Follow your inner guidance! Follow through when you are guided to go to a certain place, or to not do something!

Know exactly who you are, and what your ideal mate would be like! Walks on the beach – YES – they finally happened! You’d think a simple thing like a walk on the beach would be easy, but I never had that until December 2017! Bringing in the New Year 2018 together felt like a blissful start to a beautiful lifetime together. My true love and I go to the beach, we go out to eat, we love and hold each other, and we are definitely cut from the same cloth with so many interests and views in sync. We are equally independent and we are so honest with each other. Zero game playing is crucial! We care too much about each other and our relationship to play any kind of head game.

You will know when all of the elements are there. It WILL feel like BLISS! Because true love IS bliss! You can navigate any misunderstanding with simple, honest communication from your heart.

There is no blaming each other for anything at all. Instead, express all of your love and never hold back! Say all of the beautiful things in your heart – each person wants to hear them!

Give the card that expresses she is the woman of your dreams. Let him know he is everything you’ve ever wanted in a man. It has to be equal and mutual! Guys, DO call the next day, and don’t hold back out of any fears. Fear is the worst thing to allow to run your actions. Let every word and action come from the bottom of your heart!

Be SOBER together! Know that your love relationship is NEVER based on having to drink to delude yourself or each other. Laugh like kids, love with all of the passion in your heart.

When it’s right you will both feel it, and after half a century, I can honestly share that it is the greatest feeling in the world. LOVE, TRUE LOVE, is everything you’ve ever heard it is. Just get yourself “ready” so you can attract each other! Do things and go to places that interest you, this is “how” you can meet your true match. Then, savor and nourish this love every moment of your life.

2 thoughts on “True Mutual Storybook Love Finally Happened to Me and Can for You, Too!

  1. Dearest Barbara my heart sings with bliss for you. I am so happy for you. You deserve this love and so much more. Thank you for sharing. Love always xKrisx

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