Cyber Bullying from a Raging Alcoholic Has to Stop


A raging alcoholic soon to be Ex husband has been on a cyberbullying binge for the past ten months. On Feb 23, 2017 with the help from law enforcement, medical staff and a dear friend, I was able to escape from a living hell with a raging alcoholic husband who threatened to kill me too many times in California. May 1st I moved back home to FL. With my own funds I filed for divorce on Dec 13, 2017. He was served the divorce papers on Dec 19, 2017. The cyber bullying, lying, creating fictitious stories as if they are truth, is mean-spirited at best, criminal at worst. He created fake profiles of me, posted a porn photo of another white woman with full frontal nudity next to a large black penis. The cyber bullying has to stop. The individual will soon be put behind bars. Here below is helpful info to help create awareness about cyberbullying. Reporting to the FBI is also a wonderful option!

Cyberbullying Facts Courtesy of

Cyberbullying occurs when an individual uses the Internet or another form of technology to harm other people, in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner. In some cases a person may pretend that they are another person online to trick others. They could spread lies and rumors about victims, trick people into revealing personal information, send or forward mean text messages, and post pictures of victims without their consent.




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