Someone’s Miracle

By Barbara Rose, PhD


Did you know that even the smallest act of kindness can actually change or save someone’s life? It’s true. I’ve experienced it both on the giving end and the receiving end.

It’s amazing how there truly are no coincidences. Who we are standing next to at a store. A certain post that we happen to stumble upon that leads to a major positive breakthrough. Both the person who created the post, and even the person about whom the post was created “just happens” to be in our home feed that we never looked for, but opens a world of possibilities.

You can share your laughter and your tears, a sudden inspired idea, or anything that you may do or say can turn someone’s life around. Maybe even yours!

Speak from your heart. Smile from your heart. Share all of the love in your heart. Share whatever you can and it always comes back to you in ways that are sometimes profound.

© Copyright 2017 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.


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