How to Soar in Business

By Barbara Rose, PhD

Be Inspired

I’ve been reading some outstanding content and articles from Influencers on LinkedIn, and surprisingly, they all touched my heart.

As we are all in one way or another connected I felt inspired to share that what matters most in business – the real “bottom line” is how we treat people. Not as a way to advance ourselves, but as a way to advance each other.

Our global culture and technological advancements are changing the way we live and communicate at lightning speed. The only area where it cannot create or move is within our hearts. Nothing can surpass a real smile or genuine compassion.

What matters most in business is each person we serve. That service must be one hundred percent pure – because people sure do feel it! Nothing can surpass our compassionate energy, as well as belief in someone who could use that belief until they believe in themselves.

So when you and I are doing anything that is business related – make it heart related. My heart to your heart. Make it so that compassionate reality surpasses technological reality. If we touch one life, in essence we’ve touched more than we can count.

Each day remember that the core essence of a pure soul is what everyone truly wants. Then, I believe, if you’ve got something people want, they will be more than happy to not only get it from you but refer their friends as well.

Keep it simple, heart-centered, and you will always make an impact and a difference.

© Copyright 2017 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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