Get Ready for REAL Life Transformation 5 Week Private Intensive

Are you ready to turn your life around? Do you wish you had a true blue trusted resource to guide you through your personal and life transformation where you are receiving REAL answers and start to feel yourself GLOW from within?

That is what this Divine service is all about. It is Dr. Barbara Rose’s deepest joy to swiftly guide clients through transformation in as SHORT amount of time as possible. This is all done by receiving answers from God/Source/Holy Spirit/Higher Self Communication. There is NOTHING “psychic” about this process.

In short, your soul wants you to bloom into your highest and most joyful version of YOU that you are here to experience and express. So many issues are cleared up within this five week private intensive held via phone with Dr. Barbara Rose.

pure life transformation

The goal is to get you blooming, shining, and filled with JOY that continues to grow long after this intensive is complete.

All you will need is a notepad and pen for your private sessions as all kinds of detailed information flows through Barbara during your sessions that you may need to later remember.

The duration of each session is from one to over two hours per session. There are five sessions in this intensive. Barbara does not watch the clock during this deep type of intensive. You receive all of the information you need. The only area Barbara does NOT cover is medical issues. For that please see a Medical Doctor. The total tuition for the full five week intensive is $1,500 US. Tuition is payable via fully secure Pay Pal.

Dr. Rose does NOT approve every registration. If your registration is NOT approved, you will receive a FULL REFUND within 24 hours via fully secure PayPal. If your registration IS approved you will receive a private reply email from your PayPal registration within 24 hours to schedule your first session. If you ever need to re-set your session date or time, simply email Barbara and she will re-set your session phone appointment with you. Barbara does all she can to accommodate all time zones globally.

This work is pure and for real. It has spread by word of mouth to people in 191 countries.

Are you ready to bloom? Barbara’s work as a world renowned Higher Consciousness Life Transformation Specialist has the utmost ethics, integrity, trust and positive results.

You are more than welcome to read Global Letters About Barbara’s Work. All letters are pure and authentic (spelling errors left intact.)

Click Below for Fully Secure Registration via PayPal and Welcome to Your Transformation that Creates Your Best Life Ever!

The Rose Group is Pay Pal Verified

See what time it is in your time zone. Reference New York, USA Eastern Time to make it easier to schedule your private phone session.


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