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It’s Only OK If…

By Barbara Rose, PhD

When you are facing a decision, any decision, make it a rule of thumb that it is only OK if it feels okay within your mind, heart and entire being.

It has to feel like all green lights go – and this certainly includes if you are going to leave a situation of any kind.

Some people are afraid to take risks. They ponder, go over every possible scenario within their mind, yet they usually don’t go within their heart and inner being to check and see how it feels inside.

Fear of the unknown is common, however, if you really want to live your life on your terms it is vital to connect with your innermost self and check on how you feel inside.

If you have doubts and concerns, then it is probably best to make your answer, “No” to the situation you are facing.

The age old saying, always go with your gut, definitely applies here. If you feel apprehension, make that decision a no.

If you feel excited, beaming, thrilled, and everything within you is saying YES to the decision you are facing, then absolutely go for it!

If you feel stuck in a situation do everything you can to remove yourself from it. It does not matter what other people think or say, the only thing that matters is how you feel about your situation and your life. Never allow others to convince you otherwise if it goes against your own gut feelings, because your gut feelings will never lie to you, however, other people will.

You do not have to discuss your next move with anyone at all! Do not give other people power over you and how you live your life! You must be the one who is in charge of every decision you face. If others don’t like it, too bad for them, that has nothing to do with living out your truth in every area of your life.

This article does NOT condone violence of any kind. So if you feel angry, calm yourself down, take many deep breaths, go for a walk, and NEVER take any action that is violent in nature. I had to include this here because some people feel completely justified to do and say horrible things. That is NOT okay! It only adds to the negativity in our world. Be a person who brings light and hope into our world. It will serve humanity well and have a positive rippling effect.

You don’t have to weigh your decisions – feel them! Being connected to the root of your feelings will help you to make clear choices without regret. If it feels right then it is right. If it does not entirely feel right but you do it anyway, you will come to regret your choice. Use that as a learning experience! We all make mistakes. Saying, “yes” to a situation that you truly do not love is called a mistake. Go easy on yourself. Feel your options, and always remember that you are the sole decider of your life path. Choose based on thought, feeling, word, and action. Are they all aligned? Or does half of you feel one way and the other half feel the opposite? That decision would be best to call, “No.”

It has to all match within. That is your compass in life. Follow through on what fills your entire being with joy. And should you ever feel that your entire being dreads your situation – then walk away quickly and never look back! This is also a great way to know that you are making the right choice for yourself.

© Copyright 2017 by Barbara Rose, PhD. All Rights Reserved.


By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

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