Receive Higher Answers for Your Parental Alienation Situation


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It is time you have real Higher answers if you are suffering in AN way from Parental Alienation Syndrome. 

Parental Alienation can be transformed no matter how many years have passed, and most importantly I am here to serve you, to end the pain during the process by receiving Higher Answers from God/Source/Higher Consciousness by whatever name you personally use for the highest source of Love, Wisdom and Truth in the Universe.

This process of receiving answers from God has completely transformed my entire life and the lives of millions across the globe. I only know because people tell me, and it is my deepest JOY to experience YOUR newfound answers AND POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION that is nothing short of astounding!

You Will Learn:

  • Exactly how to receive Higher Answers from God/Source.
  • Exactly what is going on with your child or parent and what to do about it.
  • The exact words to say or text so your child or parent feels your true unconditional love.
  • At any time 24/7 how to receive the answers you need when you feel down so you can feel completely renewed once you have received the Higher Answers.

What I Do With You and All:

  • I both teach you this pure process that is your birthright AND go over your personal writings to discern the energy so you will know if the answers you received came from your own intellect or through you from God/Source.
  • I answer all of your personal questions.
  • I make sure you’ve got this process down so you are authentically empowered to utilize it for the rest of your life.
  • You will never again feel unsure about what to do, say, and what the next best steps you need to take are that are pertinent your your specific circumstances.


This is a highly confidential group intensive, all of your personal information remains completely confidential.

If you would like to receive Higher Answers, and if you would like to feel renewed, along with receiving the highest guidance about what you need to do, say, and how to perceive it all so you are SHINING AGAIN – then this intensive is for you!

Once all spaces are filled registration closes without notice. 

I do NOT approve every registration. If your registration is declined you will receive a FULL REFUND via Pay Pal within 24 hours. If your registration is approved, you will receive via reply email from your Pay Pal registration your confidential phone number and access code for this intensive. Once approved tuition is non-refundable.

Your training is as custom as your fingerprint.

There is not another intensive on Earth like this. It is highly specialized, customized, specific, and there is a wonderful group synergy that takes place as everyone learns from the answers received from God/Source in this group. I bring through all of the information during the intensive and can only give the credit to God who works through me. I definitely do not do this work from my own intellect.

It is time you are authentically empowered, consciously connected, and receiving Higher Answers 24/7.  Click below to Register for this Global Intensive via Phone While Registration is Still Open. The Only Thing You Have to Lose is Misery.

Sorry, Registration for this global intensive has already closed. 

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