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Barbara Rose, PhD Founder


Creating the world’s largest and most positive global faculty of the top experts who are committed to uplifting the spiritual/higher consciousness of humanity. Joining this faculty brings YOUR work to billions in a shared cooperation and oneness of purpose for the highest good of all.

When Dr. Barbara Rose founded International Institute of Higher Self Communication™ a decade ago she did so to uplift the spiritual consciousness of humanity. Her Higher Self Communication Yahoo Group was highly active with over 1,500 global members sharing and helping each other with the nondenominational process of receiving answers from God.

The whole purpose of the process is pure life transformation. Barbara merged the above Institute with Global Higher Consciousness Awakening Institute™ to share the process of Higher Consciousness Awakening with the masses globally.

Countless people globally have been personally trained by both Dr. Rose as well as the people she personally trained and certified. A Certified Higher Consciousness Life Transformation Coach or Specialist™ brings through all of the guidance from God/Creator/Source/Higher Consciousness/Higher Self utilizing a fully awakened sixth sense. As a result people’s lives are transformed within minutes and hours.

This level of transformation is the purest and most life changing based on the actual experiences of countless people from all walks of life and from 191 countries.

This pure process is for all of humanity.

Dr. Rose is on a massive mission to have this process shared in her books, If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! and Wisdom on the Other Side of Knowledge translated into every language. She is recording video seminars for the masses as well utilizing every technology to reach every person who is suffering experience swift transformation as a result of receiving the Higher perspective via their own Higher Consciousness.

She has recorded a four session deep intensive that takes you step by step through the process of Higher Consciousness Awakening. Her desire to reach every single person on earth who is experiencing a lack of inner peace have it transformed within minutes is what fuels her passion as this identical process has saved her own life.

This process has spread across the globe by word of mouth. Dr. Rose stakes her entire life on this process and is devoting the remainder of her life to spreading this pure work because it will transform the entire human race.

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Globally Certified Higher Consciousness Life Transformation Specialists

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