Barbara’s Public Speaking Topics


Dr. Barbara Rose reaches the core of her audiences bringing them through a deep transformation process that is called “Life Changing” by countless people globally. She custom creates each event for her audiences so her messages hit home, create massive A-HA! Moments, from laughter to tears, joy and pure life transformation.


Personal Growth Topics

  • The Keys to Supreme Confidence and High Self Esteem
  • The Rush to Spend – How to Save Your Life Before Your Ego Destroys It
  • Your Individual Power – How to Re-Build Your Life After You’ve Hit Bottom
  • The World’s BEST Parenting Techniques to Raise Role Model Children & Teens

Relationship Topics

  • Parental Alienation Syndrome – Crucial Awareness, Prevention, and Coping
  • Transform from the String Along to THE ONE in Your Romantic Relationship
  • How to Spot Relationship Abuse and What to Do About It

Spiritual Growth/Higher Consciousness Awakening Topics

  • THE Way to Inner Peace
  • How to Awaken Your Higher Consciousness for Profound Answers and Life Transformation

Read what people from across the globe share about Dr. Rose’s work from the bottom of their hearts. All letters are pure and authentic.

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