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Transformation in Difficult Situations

This will help you much in clearing away the fears and uncertainties that have been keeping you stuck on any level.


It is no doubt that so many of you are going through deep challenges on many levels of your life. Some of you feel pain and confusion. Others feel torn, not sure of the “right” path to take. And many of you feel a sense of disillusionment as you face your challenges and wonder what is the best course of action to take.

So here is your answer.

The only course of action to take stems from the deepest truth within your heart. Your head will drive you in many directions as the ego loves drama, as well as creating scenarios within the mind that take you off into many different directions, except into your heart.

You see, life on Earth right now is forcing each and every soul to awaken to your complete Divine essence on all levels. Not just in career and relationships, but with your essence, your truth, what you really came into this life to be, feel, do and experience as your grandest Self – your Higher Self in physical form.

So the “challenges” are here to get you to honor your truth – to move you out of fear and uncertainty and into what your authentic alignment with Divine Source means – living it all out in every area of your life.

This requires tremendous courage. It requires you to reach deep within and ask yourself what feels so true to you? Ask yourself. Allow the head games to be washed away by connecting solely to the core of your heart center – for it is in that core where your Divine essence, and all of your answers dwell.

When you can be and express your truth, in all areas, on all levels, without fear of any kind, you will come to know an inner peace, a relief, a sudden burst of inspiration, because you have consciously connected to your Divine Source Energy, and this is the energy that will clear the way for you.

So many of you are beaming on all levels. Please continue to reach out and help those that have been living in fear, reach out and share more of your services, your heartfelt guidance and your messages – they are so deeply needed now.

Trust and know that every situation with which you are now faced is there to bring you into a Higher level of Spiritual growth, and into full alignment with your Divine Heritage.

You are all one. You are all Divine. You are all here to share, be and express every glorious facet of your Divine nature.

I strongly encourage you to take a bold step into your deepest truths – into your heart – and if you feel fear or uncertainty, look deeper into your heart. It is your heart essence – your pure spiritual alignment from the heart center that will lift you above any and every seeming obstacle.

There will be many opportunities to come for you to stand in your truth. I guide you to do so at all times.

Please keep one thing in mind at all times – always put out, or give, or do only that which you would like to receive in return. Another suggestion for you during your challenges and transitions is to give yourself the advice you would give to a dear friend who is in your shoes. This will help you much in clearing away the fears and uncertainties that have been keeping you stuck on any level.

You are so deeply rare and special. Every one of you. You are so vastly needed – even your smile makes such a difference. Trust that you are going through a few challenges because they will take you to a Higher place – and that is to your Highest Divine Essence while in physical form.

© Copyright 2005, 2014 by Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved

By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

2 replies on “Transformation in Difficult Situations”

Your wisdom is most helpful. My husband died 6 months ago,after 41 years of marriage. I nursed him during the last 10 years. I am caring for my daughter who has psychotic depression. Lately, I’ve experienced people who keep ‘telling me what to do’. I will follow your advice and keep my conversation down to mundane things! I have one friend which is completely non judgemental. Enough of the pearly words of wisdom.
Best wishes, Mary


Dear Mary,

I’m so happy this helped you! I send you much love and positive energy as well as for your daughter. Keep being a great Mom and whenever unsupportive people ask what is happening, simply say, “Everything’s good, no complaints.” It works like a charm!
All my best to you,


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