Barbara’s Mission


By Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose

I have a mission to see every person who is crying have their tears transformed into a smile within minutes.

I believe based on suicides that were deterred as a result of receiving the higher perspective from God/Higher Consciousness that more people will have a new lease on life just as I did.

I care that the suffering of the human condition transforms into new ideas, direction, higher guidance, clarity as new hope arises so that suffering is no more.

I have a mission to spread the pure process of Higher Consciousness Awakening – receiving answers from God – to every culture on earth.

My mission is not about me, it is about uplifting all of humanity, not only now but for every generation long after I am gone.

To witness the depths of despair completely transform within minutes both in my own life and in the lives of countless thousands of people from all over the world shows that this mission is direly needed for the entire human race.

I desire with all of my heart, and will carry forward until my last breath, to bring this process to all who feel stuck in worry, fear, grief, despair, and feel they have nothing left to live for that they experience awakening and their sorrow is no more as a result of this process.


I know humanity is crying. Maybe you cry at times, too. With this process of receiving higher answers utilizing your sixth sense, you will have an awakened consciousness that uplifts swiftly, so that your tears, worry and fears are instantaneously transformed.

I believe that the cures for diseases are revealed to each person researching for a cure.

I know that it is time for humanity to fully awaken and experience true joy.

This process of receiving higher answers requires no special ability. It is already built into every single human being within the sixth sense.

My mission is to make this process available to all on earth. Can you imagine internal discord transformed within minutes? Can you imagine the rippling effect of every person experiencing new inner peace where inner turmoil previously prevailed? THIS PROCESS WILL TRANSFORM THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE.

If you care about yourself and your loved ones I ask that you help me to spread this mission across the globe reaching billions of people in any and every technology, language, media, collaboration, and exposure available to us all.

I cannot do this alone. Interview me about this process. Allow me to train your organization, group, listeners and viewers about this simple process that once awakened, it is like riding a bicycle, your higher consciousness is eternally awakened and you will ALWAYS receive higher answers about any concern weighing on your heart and mind.

CONTACT ME so that together we can awaken and transform the entire human race, eradicate human suffering and despair, and experience the profound joy of the real difference this pure process makes.

VIEW the authentic letters people across the globe have shared from the bottom of their hearts about this process and how it transformed their life.

My mission comes from God and YOU are reading this not by chance, but by divine synchronicity, so that together we can move into ACTION and witness the results as humanity’s cry is finally answered.

I hope you will share in this mission with me. Please contact me to let me know how we can collaborate to uplift the masses. Time is of the essence. There are lives that will be saved. As a result of awakening the spiritual consciousness of humanity lives WILL be saved. YOU will make a profound difference..

Thank you for caring, reaching out and sharing. It not only means the world, it will transform the human race.

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