Getting My Figure Back


It takes passionate motivation, eating small portions of the right foods, and taking the right products that are nourishing and contain thermogenics to make our metabolism a furnace fat burning machine. Drinking close to a gallon of purified water every day. I LOVE the 16.9 oz clear water bottles because I can easily down between 8 to 10 bottles every day and that is a LOT of water to flush out unwanted fat fast!

I’ll be sharing my weight loss strategies for all as soon as I can show actual results that are worth showing. There are different products that I am using and new ones that I am starting, so I only want to share what I will swear by.

But for now, if you really want to lose weight stay away from all starches – rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, any snacks, sodas, and nourish yourself with high protein, low fat and super low carb intake.


Sending you lots of love,

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