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Top 22 Soul Mate Questions & Answers

Recorded live I answered the top 22 questions asked about soul mate relationships, including how to receive answers for yourself! Check it out!


WOW. If you have been searching for REAL ANSWERS about your soul mate relationship and if you want to know about any aspect of your situation I share it all in this live intensive recording.

You receive the top 22 questions asked about soul mate relationships from all over the world, including how to receive answers for yourself, anytime you need them – for life!

I brought through all of the answers via Higher Consciousness, and teach you exactly how to do the same thing so you are always empowered to receive every answer you need, free of charge, 24/7. I do stake my life on this process!

No longer will you be searching for answers – you will receive them, and you will continue to receive them any time you need them.


Tuition for this live recorded super empowering & awakening download is only $9.95 US. The recording is immediately available to you upon fully secure checkout from Pay Pal. so you can save it and listen to it any time you need to!

This is truly an awakening journey where confusion, uncertainty, and tears are replaced with clarity, many A-HA moments of awakening, understanding, realizations, inner peace and even JOY!

I am overjoyed to be able to be of the most positive service to you and to have the opportunity to bring you the real answers you have been searching for – exactly as I used to.

I have to say that this is one of my all time favorite recordings – and I sincerely mean this with all of my heart. I am sure you will learn, experience, realize, awaken and most of all become truly EMPOWERED by all of the answers I have shared.

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Dr. Rose has provided private sessions to people from all walks of life, countries and cultures. Her service has helped Government Leaders, Ministers, Doctors, Celebrities, Lawyers, NASA Scientists, Sports Athletes, Rock Star Musicians, Feature Film and Television Talent, Teachers, Stay at home Parents, Priests, University Heads, World Leaders, Royalty, and more.

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By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

2 replies on “Top 22 Soul Mate Questions & Answers”

As I’m writing this I have tears in my eyes trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. A year ago I bump into the most amazing man when I first laid eyes on him i knew it was something different but familiar about him. It felt that I’ve known this man my whole entire life as time progress we start to get closer and closer not on a sexual level but on a mental level he always felt comfortable with the fact that my brother was his friend and I was a little bit older than he was. But it seem like no matter what we both had that same attraction for one another but I always knew he was my soulmate because I’ve never felt that way about another human being until I met him it was nothing I’ve ever experience before and it scared me half to death because the level of love I felt for him I’m like what is this all about but more and more my love grew for him words couldn’t never express how I feel about this man. I waited my whole life for this and I have to admit we even had sex once which also drew me in close to him so I broke down and told him exactly how i felt and guess what he told me that e wish he could be with me but his heart belong to his ex and that broke my heart until a million pieces because I know for a fact this is my soulmate because I feel like the other half of me is dead now and I’ve been trying to deal with it the best i can but its hard its like mourning a death I’m so broken I love this man on all levels it was like looking at myself in a mirror please help me iw


Dear One,

You need two things. The book Ger OVER Him FAST
When you’re still in love with someone who is no longer in your life this book brings pure transformation from misery to inner peace FAST. It did for me and can for you, too. You can download it or get the paperback at this link:

The Next thing you need is learn how to receive Higher answers, guidance and help that will TRANSFORM your current state into understanding, inner peace, and joy. You can learn this process in less than an hour from the book If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! and you can download the e-book immediately from the link above or get the paperback.

What is CRUCIAL is that you are no longer crying in misery – EXACTLY as I used to do in a fetal position unable to work or do anything from the depths of despair that you described so well in your comment.

If you want a private session with me you can click on Divine Guidance Private Consultations on the main menu and I would be happy to help you personally. I wanted to give you resources that will create TRANSFORMATION from your current state into your NEW state of inner peace and joy.

You’ve got to move forward with your life, exactly as I had to.
I am sure that the help you need you will receive, both now and any time you need it in the future.

Sending you much love,


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