Changing Your Life & The Enormous Capacity of Your Mind

pure life transformation

No matter WHAT life is showing you, you have at your disposal the UNLIMITED resource of your MIND to first picture, then FEEL, while you SEE WITHIN YOUR MIND all you d4esire your life to be. As you affirm this is what you want – and deserve – you will then have sudden inspiring impressions within your mind that God is literally guiding you to move into ACTION, one moment at a time.

The universe has no limits. YOU are an UNLIMITED Spiritual human being with direct access to all of the good you desire.

Your very first step is ONE SIMPLE DECISION – about how you truly want your life to be. ONLY YOU can DECIDE – see, feel, experience the strongest determination that WHAT YOU WANT IS YOURS – and this is the turning point when you refuse to remain stagnant at where you are, because this is the deciding moment in your life when you REFUSE your current reality (if you do not like any part of it) and affirm that THIS MOMENT is the beginning of the rest of your life.

ALL people have undergone great adversity prior to achieving the prosperity, health, joy, love, and LIFE they really desire.

USE YOUR ADVERSITY to bring yourself abundance while you help to transform it for all others who can relate.

EVERY book I wrote was the result of my pleas to God for the guidance to OVERCOME the adversity I was facing. I received the answers that flowed into my mind, that I simply wrote down with pen and paper. I then transcribed those writings from my journals into a Word Doc which became the identical manuscript for each book I brought through.

When you USE your adversity and ask for the higher perspective – you will certainly receive it! I literally used to log on to my own website to re-read the articles I brought through when I was crying myself to sleep most of the time. Re-reading the information given to be as the words flowed through my mind literally from God, TRANSFORMED ME!

I am no different from YOU! I do not have some kind of special ability! This is already built into every human being on earth! You receive within your mind that “still small voice” of inner guidance. THAT is God – not Aunt Edna.

When you receive the higher perspective, while you write it down, you are going to feel exactly as you do right now – you are going to feel like YOU! You are NOT going to go into some altered state of consciousness. You are NOT going to feel like you are sitting in a lotus position hovering over Mt. Everest. You will be fully aware of everything around you, but your mind will be fully engaged in the process of “taking dictation” while you write down every word you receive.

At some point the information will come to a natural stop. Go back and IMMEDIATELY re-read what you received that you wrote down TWICE – so you will be able to make out the words.

As you re-read, it will be like you are reading it for the first time, and you will be AMAZED AND ASTOUNDED at how helpful, practical, and down to earth the guidance is.

Soon I will be touring giving large keynotes and weekend intensive workshops to make sure I reach as many people on earth as I can – to share this process that completely transformed my life and millions of others.

If you want to read about the whole process, it is shared in the book If God Hears Me, i Want an Answer!

Additionally, I have recorded deep intensives live that are available for download at $9.99 US. Not trying to make a “sale” just sharing resources if you want to know more in depth information about this life saving and transforming process.

Sent to you with much love,

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