It’s Okay to NOT “Have it All Together”

did anyone ever tell you

Did Anyone Ever Tell You..™

It’s okay to NOT “have it all together”
ALL of the time?
Did anyone ever tell you..
When you feel like you’re taking
Ten steps back,
You’re about to take 100 steps forward?
Did anyone ever tell you..
Chaos precedes growth, realizations,
And positive transformation?
I’ve been through the ringer in life,
Have gone through as much pain as you have,
And it all served for tremendous growth
And transformation.
Nothing can be transformed
By keeping the status quo
Alternatively, when you allow yourself
To feel ALL of your truth,
ALL of your feelings, and
Allow it all to surface,
Something great happens:
You can see the light on your path
That you couldn’t see before.
It all comes full circle, and you realize,
The rough times were worth it after all.

© Copyright 2012 Barbara Rose, PhD

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