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Dearest God Why Did I Break My Spine?

When things like this happen to me, to everyone else, why?

WHY Dearest God Why Did I Break My Spine?

Am I being punished for something? When things like this happen to me, to everyone else, why?

Please help me to understand because I try so hard to always do the right thing so when things like this happen it’s hard for me to know why. Please help me and all.

Thank you with all of my heart for Divine, Pure and Perfect truth in advance.

Love, Barbara


My Dearest Child,

No, this is not a punishment. It is simply a part of life. During this time while you are healing you can create within your mind, or on a picture collage, (or both) how exactly you want to live the REST of your life and make it happen with focus, passion, excitement and determination.

For most other people it is a wake-up of some form or another. Maybe they need to get a divorce and leave an abusive relationship. Maybe they need to discover their passion, so they, too, can create a focus and directions for them to follow as they, too, heal.

For others it is contemplation – where have they been going wrong and what, exactly do they need to change. They typically know deep inside, so a trauma serves as a wake-up.

For you, it is a re-aligning with your purpose that you have been living out only now seeing how you can serve even more. This world needs you, each and every soul in it to create a huge light of positive energy – love, and radiate that out instead of woes, anger, jealously and hatred. People MUST walk in word and deed in one direction  – not try to walk in two – such as telling the truth at all times, not only when it serves them because EVERY time is the time to be completely honest.

The world is in an upheaval and you are needed to help spread higher self communication, to spread HOW to receive answers from God and why. Also, you can create many webcasts on video so people can meet you so to speak and see the person behind the voice on the phone.

I urge you to get into alignment with living in GRATITUDE for having a place to live even if it is not what you ultimately love. That can come later as you create it.

Everyone is feeling shift and change and everyone is urged to remember and keep remembering that you are all a light in this world. So please stop the focus on dark and scary times. Remove yourself from media hype, from websites that focus on all of the darkness. Not every person is experiencing darkness – not you at all. The darkness I speak of is people living in a region where they are denied their own free will, such as not being allowed to be a female and walk down the block with a male.

Rulership that is truly a dictatorship is living in darkness. But as your light and work opens their mind to connect to God, there is then no-thing that can keep the light away because it is always from within.

Send THIS out to your subscribers and trust, my child, you ARE guided and protected. You are healing and all is well.

I love you!

By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

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