Stop Being the String Along – The Amazon # 1 Relationship Bestseller

Stop Being the String Along

Little did I know that on Sunday night October 10, 2004 while I was crying in my bed over yet another break-up, with journal in hand asking God for help that this book was going to pour through me.

It saved my sanity and my life.

This is a rare highly personal journal. It contains love letters, my pleas to God for help, the answers I received both for myself and for humanity as a whole contained in one of my monthly messages from God that I was bringing through on a regular basis at that time.

Stop Being the String Along Original Manuscript

The transformation I underwent was astounding. This book turned my entire life around. When it hit Number 1 on the Amazon Relationship Bestseller List I felt like I won an Oscar. I was ecstatic. An author colleague took this screen shot below as I didn’t have a digital camera at the time. This Kodak Moment was one of the happiest of my life.

Stop Being the String Along AMZN # 1 Relationship Bestseller

This large private journal that became the original manuscript journal is spiral bound and there is only ONE in the world. I do treasure this and I believe as you go through the pages you will be surprised at the depth of personal pleas for guidance and help that just happen to be on the following pages after I brought through the entire manuscript.

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