If God Was Like Man Blew the Lid Off


After Individual Power was written I was bringing through info from God for people from all over the world. The amazing accuracy blew the lid off the secret I was keeping. This 3 volume original manuscript journal set was history in the making because of the predictions contained within the book and the solutions presented that if implemented would change life on earth in a nanosecond.

No longer was I afraid to speak up and share the truth about receiving answers.

It turned out I did NOT have any type of special gift – every human being has six senses, and it is the sixth sense that yields pure back and forth communication with God.

Bringing through answers for complete strangers, super detailed personality traits of “a man someone spoke with earlier today.” What would fly out of my mouth from God is, “Let me tell you about this man before you tell me.

Many people have shared that this is their all time favorite book. Many have also written reviews gleaning one star because their personal views were opposite.

One thing about IF GOD WAS LIKE MAN, if you are open minded, liberal you will love this set and treasure it. If you are on the fanatical fringe of Christianity where the bible is your only read you will want to burn it. It’s highly controversial – all for same sex marriage, and a whole lot more!

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