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Just a Little?

…the power of “Just a Little.”

Life TransformationDid you ever experience the power of “just a little”?

Did you ever feel a little love but it changed your life?

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Did you ever whisper a little secret to someone but it changed their life?

Did you ever say, “I Love You” in just a little voice – but it meant your whole heart & soul to you?

We think there is so much power in a LOT, but NO, that’s not true! There is even more power in “JUST A LITTLE”!

Fourteen thousand people can give one single dollar – and a life is saved.

Then, that person (her name is Barbara) gives a little free time on the phone to help someone, and secrets that were hidden are fully revealed through her by God – wow – the TRUTH is finally made clear! Your life Your Life then Changes for the best forever.

Give a little.
What’s a buck?
What’s 50 cents?
It really adds up.

Give just a little, and you’ll soon see how much of a difference you really make, and then something wonderful happens… it is returned to you multiplied. THAT is the power of “Just a Little.”


By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

4 replies on “Just a Little?”

Hi Monica,
Sorry it took me a while to reply to your kind commment. I broke my spine and had surgery. Good news for you, my private session fees are now what they were from a decade ago. I need to serve all I can, not only the elite with vast amounts of money. I would be honored to bring through the Divine Guidance you are searching for. It always changes my own life and countless others. I look forward to being of the most positive service to you – I can feel your kind heart!


Oh wow! So sorry to hear you BROKE your SPINE! It sounds like you’ll be able to recover alright (?); I hope so anyway 😦 … Thank you for responding. I appreciate it so much. I have been feeling off for the last couple of months, but lately I’m slightly better. We have had a really stressful year, and I have been really really isolated, and in May I made a friend who I formed an unhealthy attachment to … it felt like a “love addiction” which lead me to learn about adult attachment styles … which lead me to believe I have a disorganized attachment … except for 90% of my adult life I have felt like I have a “secure” attachment. Sigh. But with this friend I turn into an “anxious” attachment style (cringe with pain). And through my readings I then I learned about personality disorders … and I believe this friend might have some Cluster B ‘tendencies” … a little antisocial personality disorder and a little narcissistic (N). I feel quite sure. And then I read about how people around N’s can feel like they are having: detachment, dissociation, serious insecurity, feelings of inferiority, and also feeling of addiction to the N who at first presents like a person who finally understands them (a soul mate!). I was Devalued and Discarded by the N. I felt the pains of “attachment hunger/withdrawal” I haven’t felt that much pain in a long time. I believe most of the arts/music/etc is inspired by that insane emotional/psychological pain. It is devestating and soul destroying. … The world started looking meaningless, and hopeless. I was having a psychological depression. Just psychological. Which has been a first for me in my adult life. Its been so painful. I feel like I have experienced a mid-life/existential crisis, or something. And what is hard is I have 3 small kids to take care of. I’m recuperating, though. I learned about Dr. Dan Siegel’s work (“Mindfulness”) and that has been helpful, too. Also, learning that my friend did typical personality disorder abuse things has been helpful to learn. … I’m not sure if I need to talk. You probably know better than I do. I feel okay these days. I am going to start on some supplements for Adrenal Fatigue because the last time I was taking them I felt much better. I try to conscious of health type things because I find my mind works better when I’m not neglecting my body. I noticed you enjoy coconut oil, etc, too. We do, too. We try to eat unprocessed, etc. But thats a little off topic. But, yeah, it has been very painful for me to have this emotional roller-coaster. But I believe the unhealthy attachment has been exasperated by my general fatigue and life stress. Perhaps if I had met this person 3 or 5 yrs ago I wouldn’t have been so vulnerable … and desperate for the friendship. I’ve been so lonely these days. We move a lot and we don’t have a lot of contact with extended family. And we were in a very, very small town in rural Wisconsin for 3 years … which did a horrible number on my psyche. Anyway … let me know if you think you can help. Thank you so much. And I hope your recovery goes well. Take Care.


Hi Monica,

What I get from your energy in your reply is that you don’t really need a private session – that you know what to do to take care of yourself to learn and grow from this experience. If you ever feel you really need higher guidance you can always ask for it from above. I’m happy your coming back together so to speak. If you ever do need help for issues either eons old or new you are always welcome to register for a private session. Not one word comes from me, it all comes through me literally from God.
One suggestion if you have not already read the book “KNOW YOURSELF” it takes you through a pure transformational process so you are much more aware and stronger from within.
I’m positive you’ll feel much brighter as you focus on your kids. They bring so much joy!
Sending you many blessings,


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