Please Help Barbara Get Surgery to Stop Bleeding


This is a post update.Wanted to share for YOU reading this that it turned out that my Doctor gave me the surgery COMPLETELY FREE of charge. He said, “I’m not charging you a penny for this, my number 1 patient.” I LOVE him – he saved my life so I can now go on to help others.

I have an urgent plea for donations to pay for surgery I desperately need to stop the massive female bleeding that has nearly ruined my life over the past two and a half years and to this day.

Bleeding three weeks out of every month with one week off has drained me so completely I have not been able to do my work of inspiring and uplifting humanity, give seminars, or do anything.

I do not have any money to cover the cost of surgery for a procedure called “NOVA SURE”

The cost is fourteen thousand dollars including general anesthesia. I have an excellent OBGYN for 24 years who urges me to have this surgery.

I do not have any money or health insurance.

If you are able to make a donation in any amount you will be saving my own life as well as many others once I will be able to work again.

I did not want to ask for help, but it’s gotten so bad that I have to swallow my pride to receive when I would much rather give.

If you are willing to “Tweet” and/or “Like” this, pass it around to anyone you feel would care to help even just a little bit you will be a saving grace. Here is a short link for Twitter:

I send you every blessing from my heart and so dearly look forward to making the most positive difference for you and all that I’m here to make.

THANK YOU more than words can say for making any donation below to help cover this surgery.

From my heart,


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