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Being Radiant, Excerpt from Know Yourself

What does it take to have belief in self? …No matter what anybody has ever told you about yourself, if it feels degrading in any way, it is a lie–because you were not born with it…

By Barbara Rose, PhD

Being Radiant

Being radiant is being centered in your divine nature and truth at all times.

It is viewing yourself as a spiritual gift and as the creator of your life’s circumstances instead of viewing yourself as a victim of your life’s circumstances.

How you view yourself is one of the most important facets of feeling radiant. If you view yourself as “less than” any other being, then this false view will cause you to feel “less than.” And you will suffer. On the other hand, if you view yourself as an equal and divine member of the human race, you will feel your equality and your divinity.

First you must incorporate right mindfulness; you must live as a conscious being. To extinguish any negative self-view is critical if you are to know peace in being who you are, no matter what your external conditions.

Many women have been through and triumphed over much. We admire them, their courage, their belief in self.

It takes both living in your truth and having the courage to express your truth every moment of your life. Your truth is not negotiable. Once you negate your truth to please another, your self-confidence will greatly diminish. Alternatively, when you decide to be true to yourself at all times and under all circumstances, you will radiate with glowing self-esteem.

Belief in self also means taking a simple inventory of your true purpose, how you serve, and which ways of service bring you the most joy. If you are a parent, providing love and support to your children is a gift of service that will fill your heart with joy.

If you are a writer, the words you write might bring solace and understanding to others who are struggling, and so writing is an expression of a sacred part of your being. When you receive letters about the words you’ve expressed and the difference you have made for others, the joy is pure; but it is not a condition of your worth.

Whether someone likes the words you write or not makes no difference in your intrinsic value as a spiritual human being.

Spirituality in Your Creative Process

Your soul, your spirit is filled with eons of experiences accumulated from lifetime to lifetime.

During this new era, we are clearing karmic patterns, releasing all of the negative untruths about ourselves, in order to shine as the spiritual beings we are.

This is a time of deep cleansing, renewal, and new life. It is a sacred time in which every belief you have ever had will be called into question by the experiences in your daily life.

You will be forced to decide what truly matters to you, and how you wish to spend the rest of your life. If you are thrilled to be alive, if you feel that you matter regardless of what you have on the outside, if you are living in the moment when every divine and extraordinary idea is given to you–in the moment–then your life will be filled with much more peace.

If you are seeking outside of yourself for validation or to acquire something in order to feel you matter, this struggle will leave you feeling like a bottomless pit that can never be filled.

Your worth is never contingent on external conditions. It is contingent solely on inner peace and living according to your highest truths in the moment–this moment.

The Courage to Change

Many women face situations in which they are miserable, and they falsely believe they should stay in their miserable circumstances. This false belief breeds more insecurity and lowers your self-worth. To truly glow and shine from the inside out, you might just have to take some of the biggest risks that you have been so afraid to take, so the truth of your actions can match the truth you feel deep inside.

Once you take a risk and actually listen to your inner voice–the one that is telling you to rid yourself of any condition, person, or circumstance that is causing misery in your life–once you take the risk to be true to yourself, you will begin to glow and radiate more confidence than you have ever felt before.

You see, becoming whole requires complete self-truth.

Honoring your self-truth turns into radiance.

Living according to your truth and intrinsic joy of being of genuine service to yourself and others in your own unique way leads to both supreme confidence and a life filled with peace.

Nothing on the outside can turn your world upside down once you find your inner truth and live according to it in each moment and circumstance that you face.

No experience in your life can cause you to contemplate taking your own life when you are actually aware that experiences are just that–experiences–and they do not ever constitute your worth as a spiritual being, as a woman, as an equal member of the human race.

No matter what anybody has ever told you about yourself, if it feels degrading in any way, it is a lie–because you were not born with it.

Even if you have made many mistakes or have done many things “wrong” in your life, your soul is still pure and you can follow your truth. Thus you can create an entire new life from the bottom up once you realize that the supreme moment of now is your starting point–as well as the place you must always stay if you are to be focused, effective, helpful to yourself and others, and the grand soul you came into this life to be.

Excerpt © Copyright 2005, 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved. from Know Yourself: A Woman’s Guide to Wholeness, Radiance & Supreme Confidence. Published by The Rose Group – January 1, 2005 ISBN: 0974145742.

By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

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