10 Guidelines for Best Parenting with Children of All Ages

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By Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

1. Always validate your child’s feelings and perceptions even if you do not “see” or “hear” what they do.

2. Place yourself as your child’s equal, rather than “above” your child.

3. Always explain why you are asking your child to do something so they learn and understand, rather than say: “Because I said so.”

4. Every day or evening give your child your undivided time and full attention so they feel that they are worthy by your actions.

5. Each day ask your child to share three good qualities about themselves, and validate them each day.

6. Be unconditionally supportive, without criticism, and allow your child to learn their life’s lessons, while you remain there as an unconditional support system to them.

7. NEVER insult your child, or call them a degrading name. ALWAYS separate the behavior from the child, and do not make any negative actions a part of their being. Share the more positive traits that you see in them to bring them back to their true beingness.


Be fully supportive of their life’s path, with unconditional love and reassurance. Let them know “I Believe in You!.”

9. When they are going through a difficult period, ask them what they think they can do, or which direction they would like to move in, rather than “tell them” what to do. This gives them the credit of being highly advanced spiritual beings and helps them to learn from their own inner knowing.

10. Be open to any “negative” critique they may have of you. They are your teachers, and you can learn much from them by taking in what they have to say, and validating where it applies. This will help you both grow closer to your Highest Self that you each agreed to become in this life.

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