“Tempted By Death” Barbara Shares Her Suicide Transformation Book FREE for Humanity.

Tempted By Death

As the Holiday season and New Year trigger feelings of huge loss and despair that cause the suicide rate to skyrocket, Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose is giving humanity the gift of her latest book release Tempted By Death.

“I cannot withhold life saving information at the time masses of people need it most. This is a gift from my heart because countless people are completely broke financially and do not have any money in addition to wanting to die.”

When asked why she wanted to die, Rose replied,

There was huge personal loss that I could not fathom and I erroneously believed that dying would free me from emotional torture. Just about every person who contemplates suicide believes the same lie.

I received the purest divine guidance that immediately transformed my desire to die while I was told what would happen if I did take my life.”

Rose’s pure gift offer of this complete digital book is valid through January 2, 2012. Rose concluded with a request from her heart,

“If you know anyone who is downtrodden, broken hearted,in jail, in any type of abuse or homeless shelter, or is simply miserable, please send them to this page on my website to download the entire book as a gift from my heart. I am positive this book will transform suicide for as many people as it can reach. I hope you will share this with all who need it. I pray this brings people with a renewed sense of hope just at the precise time they need it most.”

3 thoughts on ““Tempted By Death” Barbara Shares Her Suicide Transformation Book FREE for Humanity.

  1. I just came to your site and see it is past the deadline to download your free book offer. Are you able to email a link to download it still?


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