Excerpt from How Do I Say Goodbye to Someone I Love?


By Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

First The Questions

1. How can I say goodbye when I don’t want to?

2. What if I love someone, and we are no longer together but he/she is moving away?

3. Can you please explain why some people keep returning to each other after repeated break-ups?

4. How do I stop thinking about the past and hoping for the future?

5. What do I do with all of the love I still feel for that person?

Now The Answers

How can I say goodbye when I don’t want to?

When a circumstance happens that your personality might not like, it is imperative that you stop fighting what the universe is showing you, and start to look for the blessing in disguise, as well as the higher reason behind it.

When you truly learn to go with the flow, in the moment, you will gain a great deal of trust. What you will ultimately trust is that it is happening for your highest good and for the highest good of the other person. You might not see the higher reason at the current time, but you definitely will in hindsight.

You do not own another person. He or she can do whatever he or she wants to do. How could you not say goodbye if that is being asked of you? This is the root of desirous attachment. Your desires might be too attached to the other person in a way that is not healthy. The only way to release this, as with anything else, is with tremendous love and compassion for you and for the other person.

Look at what good can possibly come out of the situation. Look for what might very well be for each of your highest good. Replace “want” with “prefer”. You “prefer” to trust that there are higher reasons behind this situation and what you “want” might not be possible at this time. It might be possible in the future, or never. Release that grip with a flow of unconditional love. This will serve each of you far better than holding on for dear life. As a matter of fact, a “dear life” is what you ultimately “want” both for you and the other person. Allow it to be what it is. As soon as you begin to “allow” then you will begin to feel inner peace, and the pain will vanish.

© Copyright 2012 Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved. Excerpt re-printed with permission from How Do i Say Goodbye to Someone I Love? Published by The Rose Group. A Pocket Coach Series Digital Download.
Wholesale for Humanity Price $3.99 US. You may download this book at this link: https://borntoinspire.com/bestselling-books-barbara-rose/

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