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The Importance of Being Extremely Discerning with Spirituality

If people are “sidetracked” then what happens is that they start toseek answers from other people, and they become DEPENDENT upon other people, or beings for their answers.

Barbara Rose, PhD

water mistBy Barbara Rose, PhD

Being extremely discerning is something that many more people need to understand with respect to the information they allow themselves to buy into.

For example, there was a message post awaiting approval that I did NOT allow to be posted in the Higher Self Communication Yahoo Group that I founded because many times people “fall prey” to “Higher

Being” “Spiritual Hierarchy” “Channeling others” from “Higher Dimensions” as if YOU, as a beautiful, pure, whole and complete spiritual/human being are somehow “less than” those “others.”

Here below is what I replied to that identical post that I happened to see in another Yahoo forum (from the same person.)

Regarding this identical post submitted in the Higher Self Communication Yahoo Group, I am being guided to share a few things with All of you for the Highest Good of All.

It is imperative that all people fully activate their sixth sense, and have full, conscious alignment with and communication from their

Higher Self, God, Source, All That Is, Christ Consciousness, Holy

Spirit – that exists within us ALL, from every dimension. The “time” has come for all people to become one with, receive guidance and answers from, as well as follow ONLY ONE “Leader” and that Leader must be Source – their Higher Self. Yes, all (positive, pure and loving) Divine assistance is always needed and requested.

Regarding “readings” – NO, the people must now learn how to receive their own answers from Source/God, or whatever name they give to the
Highest and Purest Source of Love, Light and Truth in the universe. God/Source wants ALL people to know that each and every soul is as Divine as any of the Ascended Masters, and equally worthy.

What IS important is that people who are down, or feel fear – that they are AUTHENTICALLY EMPOWERED from WITHIN, as they receive answers directly from their Higher Self, God, Source.

If people are “sidetracked” then what happens is that they start toseek answers from other people, and they become DEPENDENT upon other people, or beings for their answers.

When people try to make me their “Leader” I immediately STOP that, and let them know that I am not anybody’s leader, the One they will be best served to “follow” is the truth in their heart, where their connection to I AM exists, I am being guided to share with you that although your “list of characteristics” is very well explained, it will not help the people to feel they must have certain characteristics – to be “included” in a certain category.

What God is guiding me to share with you is that there is only ONE characteristic that they need to recognize, honor and fully activate – and this is the Love within their heart, particularly Self love, so that they can then transform their internal emotional pain, receive the Higher perspective from their Higher Self Communication, which then naturally shifts their mind’s focus to one that is aligned with Love, Light, and Divine, Pure and Perfect Truth.

We all have massive potential to achieve full awakening in this lifetime. Many people are awakening and transforming from “seekers” to “experiencers” – discovering Source within, and blooming as their God-Self – which is why we are in this life to begin with.

Through pure Higher Self Communication, that sense of “Oneness” with ALL beings becomes well in place deep within. The search is over, because we have “found” it – it has been inside of us all along.

As far as “channeling” – this is the label that humanity must grow out of.

Every single human being can access and bring through Divine, Pure and Perfect truth, guidance, clarification, direction, answers, books, anything positive from their Higher Self. There is no more “special ability” label attached to this – it is the natural birthright of every human being.

I also used to call it “Divinely Channeled” until God/Source/All That Is, guided me to share with all exactly what I was guided to state just above. If people are led to believe that only a few, select people can access the Highest and Purest wisdom in this universe, then they will feel Disempowered. Now, it is time for all of humanity to know, learn, demonstrate and believe that they CAN receive their OWN answers from All That Is, at any time, for eternity. As so many, many people across the globe are and  their entire lives are completely transforming so purely and positively within weeks and months – and they are dependent upon NO ONE, other than God – their Higher Self.

People need to know that Source, their Higher Self exists WITHIN, and as they receive their own Divine answers directly, their lives completely, purely and positively transform as a result.

I hope this message helps you, and that you will always remember that when someone claims to have “all the answers” the best thing you can do for yourself is to learn how to receive every answer you need to create the best life imaginable.

Copyright 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

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