Guidance from Our Creator, God

pink rose mistThrough Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

“Much of humanity is complaining a lot. People are worried about money, their relationships, their survival, war, peace, poverty, abundance, health, wealth, their children, parents, lovers and friends. People are worried about natural disasters and the common cold. Heaven forbid anyone catches one they might miss a day of dread – otherwise known as work.

And yet, with all of the worrying and complaining, only a minute, tiny percentage of humanity actually asks God for direct answers. It is as simple as taking out a pen and paper, and writing a letter from your heart. Then, take seven deep breaths, and you will notice words flowing into your mind in the form of an answer to the troubles and woes on your mind, and in your heart.

As you write down the words that flow into your mind, and after you read them, over time, you will come to trust that all this time, you have never been alone.
You have a partner, like a caring sister or brother, or best friend. You only feel alone because it had never been taught to you that you can receive an answer from God directly, but I can let you know now that you most definitely can.

There are many people now, many in terms of the overall tapestry of humanity on earth, who are, in fact, receiving answers from God every single day. When will you be one of them? Perhaps you are, and perhaps you may still be unsure if the answers you receive are truly from God.

Put the answers to the test. Not an intellectual test, but a life test. See if the guidance and advice that is given to you for your highest good actually turns out to BE for your highest good. Some of you, many of you feel fear of moving forward, or sideways. Many people feel stuck, and as much as they do not prefer to admit it, they feel comfortable with the status quo.

How many more need to stretch beyond the current comfort zone? The answer is most of humanity. Why blame, lash out, attach, fight, cry, beg, wish or want when you can HAVE answers?

If you really want to move forward in your life, write a letter to God and ask for answers about whatever is troubling you. You will receive them. Until you implement them though, life will remain stagnant. It is in putting those answers to the physical test, following through in physical action that will change your physical reality. This is the most important art of all.

I ask you to give it a try, for one year. See how much your life turns around. You are the only one who can move forward in action, and if it is God’s guidance that you would like, then please do give the answers a try. You will be glad you did.

And this, II hope reaches many in the human race, until all people from every land live in peace, health, abundance, love and joy, now and forevermore.”

© Copyright 2006, 2012 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

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