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What Leading Spiritual Teachers Have in Common with You

A message for you with comfort and hope to continue moving forward despite overwhelming odds in your life.

By Barbara Rose, PhD

A flash of insight popped into my mind from out of the blue as a message for you, being a regular human being, may find comfort and hope to continue moving forward despite overwhelming odds in your life.

Through reading books written by leading spiritual teachers globally both in our current times as well as in the past, I learned that each of us have one thing in common with the rest of humanity; we have all gone through the deepest despair, have seen the darkest days, hit bottom in one form or another, and found ourselves feeling as if we could not go on anymore.

Then from that deep part of our spiritual human spirit which has been evident among so many people, just at the time when we reached our breaking point, feeling a sort of death with our ego, when our lives and realities crumbled before our eyes, we each made a conscious decision to carry on sparked by a realization.

This realization is that we are far more than our circumstances and we can transcend them, transform them, and help others do the same from the compassion we began to feel in our hearts for all who feel deep despair. At the precise time when we felt our hearts cry out for help to rise above our sorrows, we were all answered, and were given insight that helped us turn our lives around. We are no different than you.

There are too many names to mention, and it is not necessary to mention them. Just read about what your favorite spiritual teacher has gone through in his or her life, and you will come to realize that each of us has at one point felt as fragile as a leaf blowing in the wind. We felt every emotion the rest of humanity feels when our lives and realities caved in. As a result, something inside us all emerged; the will to carry on, to transcend our despair, and to rise above our sorrows, transform them, and then we each discovered our purpose, to help others do the same.

Each of us felt like so many people do today. Each of us learned that the realities our egos used to hold on to were the very realities that had to fall away, so truth could emerge in place of fear. What is this truth? How can you access it, too? We all share how, each in our own unique ways, and we all share one message that has been shared by people in the ancient past; you cannot grow and hide at the same time. You can only emerge from the darkness of life’s circumstances when you discover there is light behind our circumstances. Our job is to help you find that light.

One suggestion is to ask yourself how the circumstance in your life that you are viewing in the most negative light can actually serve a higher purpose that you may not be able to see right now. I ask you to look for it, because it is there.

You have grown through many difficult periods in your life, and you have learned much. You became stronger, wiser, and more awakened. That is what this temporary time is all about for you. it is for you to awaken to the realization that there are higher reasons that are serving your highest good, and you will come to inner peace when you discover them. Every leading spiritual teacher will share this with you. Every one who has ever lived has shared this truth.

Open your mind to the possibility that if you lose what your personality is holding on to for dear life, you will come to discover that your dear life will be much more enhanced when you realize that no person or condition can make or break who you are, your essence, your eternal spirit, your truth, your consciousness – that does transcend every condition if you have a deep heartfelt desire to rise above it all, you, too, will receive realizations. All you have to do is start to look for them, even if you only inquire within to discover what they are.

Once you come to the realization that your outer conditions are temporary experiences, you will learn how to understand what these experiences are trying to teach you. They are occurring in your life to teach you much, and they are serving to strengthen you.

Look for the gift hidden to the personality. Dare to ask yourself this question: “What strength or inner triumph can come about as a result of what is happening right now?”

Ask yourself, what would happen if you said “yes” to what is happening now? What would you learn? In what area would you grow? Has anyone else ever been through a similar condition? Has anyone else ever expressed gratitude for all they learned, how much they grew, and transformed from the most difficult periods of their life?

Every spiritual teacher has gone through this period, just like the rest of humanity. I can only share with you that although the most painful times felt like eternal torture that would never end, it did end, and awakening replaced sorrow.

This is a message of hope for you. You can carry on, and you can help many others who are enduring similar circumstances and feelings move forward. That is what leading spiritual teachers do, simply by sharing. You may very well be one of them. Discover what your difficulties are trying to get you to learn. Remember that there is a promise of hope and joy on the other side of this experience, if it is difficult, then it is in your life to help you outgrow the difficulty. This outgrowth is called transformation.

Your life will transform when your consciousness transforms. Your consciousness will transform when you seek answers, clarity and resolution. Then you will receive them, and you will see the day when your most difficult period in life has brought you as much wisdom and purpose in precise measure to the amount of tears you have shed.

Your soul came here to grow, and earth school requires much of you. There is one thing that you do have in common with leading spiritual teachers, you have a heart, and this is where meaning is discovered when you search for answers, wisdom emerges. Pain and suffering are then behind you, and as you shine brighter than you ever have before, you will come to see, feel and experience the wonderful spiritual teacher that you really are.

© Copyright 2011 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved.

By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

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