Gift to Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

Ten years ago today Barbara Rose was really excited about “being a Dot Com.” Ten Years Nothing Over $10 Bucks.
Today, a whole DECADE has passed and we want to make the start of this 2nd Decade by letting you know all products are $10 US or Less for a whole year. If you purchase a book or seminar that we have not yet updated in price, you WILL receive a refund via Pay Pal for the difference so you will pay only $10 US or less.

Thankfully Barbara has just completed her next book release “Tempted By Death which is coming out on September 28, 2011.

We have jobs soon available for application to help you and all.
It’s been quite a decade! So many of you have made it so lovingly positive. Barbara sends you her love, gratitude, and a heart filled with hope and assurance that life will continue to get better for you and all! Feeling Good Enough NOW

Click HERE to Download Feeling Good Enough NOW Eco-Digital Book

We send prayers to the precious souls who have passed on – we miss each one dearly!
We are happy to be here for YOU and THANK YOU for ten incredible years!

Barbara and the Rose Group
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