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Barbara’s Back from Near Death Experience

Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD After a year and a half Barbara’s back, alive and well following a near death experience that she will share with all.

She’s created a whole new platform to uplift your life including renowned Divine Guidance Private Consultations – global via phone – open for limited registration a few times a year. With her final eight books being released you will be able to attend live, in person HEADLINE EVENTS to help you with the issues most important to you.

Check back daily for many updates, services, free help, now available for advanced placement new global positions to bring you income and so much more.

A very Special Ten Year Anniversary when Barbara became a “dot com” on June 20, 2001 – watch for special surprises and gifts!

Thank you for your love, patience, and prayers, we are always here for you.

Care Support for
Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose
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By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

3 replies on “Barbara’s Back from Near Death Experience”

Hello Barbara,
I just read some of your very profound replies via regarding “how to say goodbye to a loved one” {…}

You are so, so correct in your thoughts on these 5 different topics.

Thank you for taking the time to share.

I wish good health & much happiness.



Looking forward to hearing about your experience and happy you are well. I too had a near death experience and still have many questions that have gone unanswered and somedays just barely hanging on…..but there is always hope and it can start with just one person, YOU!
Much love and blessings,


Hello Beautiful Lady! 🙂 I am so happy to see that you are back to writing, and seem to be doing well? Excited to learn about your experiences, and see the new insight that you have to share? ❤ ❤ ❤ I have had you in my heart and prayers continuously over these past several months. Sending you hugs and love ((( )))
Heather ❤


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