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YOUR Life By Virtual Design (TM)

As the photos are seen by you each day, and they do bring you joy, this is the “how” stuff in the universe that draws to you exactly what your energy is focused on.

Life By Virtual Design (TM) Life By Virtual Design (TM) is for everyone. You don’t have to be a Certified Life Design Specialist (TM) with PhD level training to benefit from the core of it all, and this actually starts today.

Astrologically once a year the New Moon is in Aries as this happened today at 3:47 PM EST. This is the most potent time to begin anew. You can do this any time you wish, yet the New Moon is always a great time to start New Projects.

I created the term and training for Life By Virtual Design (TM) and I’m sharing the core of it with you now so it can help you NOW. If you have read the book Individual Power the basic components are outlined in this book.

If you live with your “virtual” computer screen in front of you, and/or you see it many times each day — here is what you MUST do NOW so you can begin to benefit from this immediately – and free of charge!

Open up a program such as Microsoft Publisher and just select a new blank page. You are going to

“Design Your Life Virtually” Every single area of your life must be designed EXACTLY as you would LOVE it to be – without limits!

Just to give you an idea, here are actual photos that I found on line when looking for the perfect look/feel of the rooms in my home.
Here is my family room.
My Family Room

My Bedroom

Here is my Kitchen
My Kitchen

I LOVE each room so much! When I found the above photos – it was like YES! This is EXACTLY what I want! It’s Mine!

Now, what you need to do is save the photo and put it on your blank page. Essentially You are going to make a collage of what you would be THRILLED to experience and have in your life. You can easily type the words you want above or near the image such as “NY Times # 1 Bestseller”

After ALL I've Done for YOU!
NY Times # 1 Bestseller
with a photo of any of your books soon to be released.

What you can do is say:

  • Here are the happy times I have with my children
  • This is my incredible boyfriend
  • This is where I go on vacation
  • I actually look like this
  • This is where I spend the summer
  • This is my new car
  • Here is the difference my work makes for others
  • I have supreme confidence!
  • Barbara Sherry Rose

  • Here is my figure

Notice I NEVER said “I will have” or “Someday”, maybe, I hope, wish, pray…etc. this will be my reality.

Keep it all in PRESENT TENSE, and the energy within your subconscious mind is the attractor – the subconscious cannot distinguish past from present. It just focuses, or sees, believes, FEELS – and

the Universe says, It’s on it’s way to you now!”

Now, do this as soon as you read this, and

if you don’t have time to DESIGN YOUR OWN LIFE, how in the universe do you expect to experience all you would really love? Design the life you LOVE, save the collage images as one JPEG and and make it your SCREEN WALLPAPER/Screen Saver on your computer.

Just WATCH how it all starts to actually happen.
Read the excerpt in Individual Power about when I cut out the picture of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and SIX WEEKS LATER I was standing in front of the Dome of the Rock IN Jerusalem. It was one of the most happily shocking experiences in my life.

believe to receive
Now, I’ve got a LOT of designing to do! I really hope you do this because you are the only one who can design your own life. Have fun, BELIEVE, and you will receive!

By Barbara Rose, PhD| Bestselling Author 33 Books| Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| SAG-AFTRA

Bestselling Author of 33 Books| Global Higher Self Relationship & Life Transformation Expert| Public Speaker| Actor SAG-AFTRA

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