How to Graduate from Earth School

How to Graduate from Earth School

  • We’ve been guided for thousands of years to live a way of life that is simultaneously so simple and so deeply challenging for most people.
  • Earth School is one TOUGH learning center. It takes us through a life we design filled with massive core challenges because we believe we CAN become all we are here .
  • There is only ONE way to graduate Earth School. The realm of life after our earthly graduation is pure bliss.There is no negativity. There is no danger or stealing. There are no storms, there is only blissful love surrounded by breathtaking beauty.
  • No one would even THINK to take anything away from you or deceive you. In the realm above this one there is NO deception, for all beings are transparent just as we all are now to those who have fully integrated Higher Consciousness/Oneness with God/Source/Creator/Holy Spirit/All That Is/I AM THAT I AM/ (by whatever name you personally use.)
  • You have right on this page the live seminar Barbara brought through from God, via Higher Self Communication, Higher Consciousness – that gives you the answers to get you from Earth to the next level up – which is paradise.
  • The video is a gift from Barbara to you. Below you can add a “Comment”, start a discussion, ask questions, meet new people, or interact with friends you have known.

Video Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

Click here to watch this video now as Barbara’s gift to you.

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